Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For some reason this is the only picture that loaded and I am too tired to fight with a computer tonight.  He is a sweet little guy.  Today he and mama went to a pasture for the day.  He stuck pretty close to his mother.  Her last baby tore around when we let them out the first time.  Not Chico.  He never left Rosie's side.

We went on out ride but I did not get to ride Sage.  She was being so naughty I was afraid.  I rode Raven and Bob walked with Sage for a time.  I have to get over this fear.  Lord help me.

If the thunder and lightening would let up I could go to sleep.  Bob is snoring away and here I sit cringing every time the lightening flashes.  The rain will be very good for the crops though.  Especially the grain farmers.  They needed the water.  I hope it is falling where it is needed.  Our pastures will be drinking it up in big gulps.

I had a perm today but am wondering if I am happy with it or not.  Maybe tomorrow I will know.  LOL

Blessings and good night,