Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yuma, our clown

About 20 years ago I went to a horse auction in Couer d'Alene with a friend. They sold the run thru horses/equines first. A donkey that could not seem to lift her head all the way up walked in walked straight over to where I sat in the first row and looked right into my eyes. What could I do but buy her, and I did for 15.00. We named her Canary and we had her for a long time. She did not like having her feet done but you could do anything else with her. One time we had the vet out for one thing or another and he looked at her and said she was about 40. The next year She could not get up. We had picked her up several times but this time she did not want to any more. The vet came and put her down. I missed her so bad. We loved her and I wanted another donkey so bad. So about 8 or 10 years ago there was a horse/burro adoption at the fair grounds. It was Mothers Day weekend. So my gift for Mothers day was this cute little donkey about 6 months old. He had been gathered in the Yuma, AZ area so consequently we named him Yuma.
He was the easiest critter to gentle. In 3 days I was leading him all over the place. We had a mutual love fest. He loved us, we loved him. He is a real clown. No matter what time of the day, evening, night we get home he hollers at us. When we go down to feed he starts hee-hawing at us when we go out the back door.

He loves attention. He will come and put his head under your arm for a hug. He has had a pack saddle on but we have never tried to put anything on it. Bob has sat on him with no halter and just hung on while Yuma ambles around. But other than that he is just a pet. He thinks he is head honcho but isn't. When the other horses are out in the pasture he sneaks up for a treat of oats. He is the first to get a horse candy when we go out.
His only bad thing is he does not tolerate dogs. He did stomp on a little dog we had a few years ago and killed Shane. I wanted to do something bad to him but we didn't. I just make sure they stay out of the pasture. He is very protective of his area. Our friend Andrea would take him if we ever wanted to give him to someone but thats not going to happen any time soon.
This evening is our Northeast Zone awards banquet. I won't be getting any awards but will be giveing the Sportsmanship award to a worthy person. I did the shopping for some of the awards and took them out to the people setting up. Katie is going with me. It is always a fun evening.
Loved the sun today even if it was cold and windy. If it has to be cold and windy, I like the sun to shine.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30th

Rosie is a registered American Paint Pony. She is registered as Wild Rose but has always been Rosie since the day we got her. Bob owned and Operated Roto Rooter Sewer Servicer for 30 plus years. He was doing a job in Mead and this 3 year old pinto pony was in the back yard in a small pen. He asked about her and was given the owners name and phone number in Oregon. They wanted to sell her. That evening we went back and looked at her when he had more time. He hopped on her back and rode her around with just a halter and lead rope. The lady said be careful, she bucks. She has been with a trainer and they sent her back because they could not control her. Being the intelligent people we are, we bough her anyway. She has never bucked except when 3 larger grandkids tried to get on her and she said no thanks, and they went off. Actually it was pretty funny. Tyler and Katie were playing around one fall day with the ponies. They both rode with halters and leadropes. Rosie really is an awsome pony. She is 13 hands so a small adult can ride her and not be too much. She loves attention. She has had one baby. He was born on a stormy May evening and we named him, of course, Stormy. He is a with a young girl over on the coast doing beginner dressage and eventing.

She, we believe is half Welsh Pony and half Tobiano Paint. She was bought originally at a horse auction and was pregnant. She was too young and thankfull aborted the foal. She was bought at the auction by the people we bought her from

Rosie gets furry like a Yak or a Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear. She is way low on the totem pole in the pasture. She can be a stinker to catch if she thinks she has to go to work. She is an awesome beginner horse. If I am giving lessons to a beginner and they are small, she is who we start on. She will let kids hug on her and kiss on her and swing on her legs.

A couple of summers ago Bob and our grandson Ryan went on a packing trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. They took Rosie for a pack horse. In fact Bob has taken her 4/5 times. She is a sturdy critter and does not mind packing at all. This picture was taken off of the BCH Calendar our group is selling. Bob and Ryan ,Rosie Pepper and Raven had a wonderful time. She has had a couple of funny things happen. One time on a previous trip the pack got a little lopsided and she got off balance and finall laid down and with the packs ended up flat on her back with all four legs in the air. they were so busy getting her back on her feet no one took a picture. It would have been a good one.

She did lead line at shows for 2 years with Micheala. She won everything. Not the best pictures, I took them from other pictures. She carried her like she was carrying eggs.

But this is what she likes to do the best. I have all kinds of trophies, ribbons, placques that I wond driving her. I have 2 buggies and a sleigh. People in our neighborhood are used to seeing me go down the road with her. We have been known to load a grandkid or 2 and lunch and be gone most of the day just ambling the backroads here on the West Plains. She is about unflappable in harness.
So that is my Rosie. She will never leave here. I have turned down large amounts for her when I was showing her. It is very hard to find a do it all, gentle pony and we are blessed to have her. Her only fault is getting too fat. She is a very easy keeper.
Our Mustang Club met last night and planned some things. No for sure dates yet but when we have them all buttoned down I will certainly post them here.It is so good to get together with our mustangy friends and talk about and laugh about our horses and to just chat with our friends.
Don't forget Serenity Room Blog, its worthy of a look.
I think tomorrow will be Yuma.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Life and Times of Ditto

This is my 28 year old mare. She is a registered Paint. Her registered name is Cuttin Loose. She is an own daughter of Tinky Spook. I got this idea from Linda. She is highlighting her horses. So I am snitching the idea. I have had her since she was 4. She took me too the top in both English and Western Pleasure. I even drove her a couple of years but she did not like that too much. Actually not at all. She is the smoothest horse I have ever ridden. She is wonderful with kids, just ambles around.
This is Ditto as she looks now. Well almost, now she is dirty and has a long icky coat. She is definitely my horse. She does not like men. She tolerates Bob. I call her grumpy granny. She has had 3 foals. I know where 2 of them are. She also had a set of still born twins and aborted one at 6 months. I was devestated at her losses. All of her babies were colored like her and she was always bred to a solid QH. It the market had been better I would have probably let her have more but it was hard to sell them even then.

She looks like a grumpy granny doesn't she? He is not as bad as the looks she gives you. She has not been an affectionate lovey horse. She tolerated me hanging on her but didn't love me back like others have. She would intimidate a stranger but never has done anything bad in her life. She wants you to think so too.

This is a picture that was professionally taken of her and me. You can not see the crack in the glass when it is hanging on the wall. It was in an exhibition of her work and it got cracked when I picked up and was on the way home. I think that was about 10 years ago.
She is my best horsey friend and knows every secret I have. Sometime I just have to go and ride her for a while. Just after this picture was taken I was riding out in front of our place and went down into the ditch when a big truck was going by. She stepped on a stick and ran it up in the sole of her foot into her navicular bursa. She was not rideable for about 3 years. She is not sound for long rides but does well around here. She will be here until she draws her last breath and then she will be buried next to Star. I know its not legal but I dare anyone to stop me.
Last night we went to a Back Country Horsemen committee meeting over in Post Falls. We were planning our years rides both work parties and fun rides. It will be a fun year. Tonight is our Mustang Club meeting at Perkins at Argonne and Mission. We will be planning our years activities too.
Don't forget to check out the give away at Serenity Room. Its a great blog and a great give away.
Tomorrow will be Rosies day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday, January 27

This picture is for Nikki. She thought the one I posted yesterday was the most boring in the scrap book so this one is brighter. I love it Nikki no matter what page it is.

We had a very long day today. I went in to town early and had a perm. I was ready to pull out my hair or shave it off. Just hated it. No matter what I tried it just was blah. I am not talented with hair at all. Love the perm and now I can quit fussing about that.

Then I did my yearly shopping for the Northeast Zone of Washington State Horsemen banquet. It is on Sat. The year end awards recipients get their choice of a trophy, money, crystal or silver. I as of the past few years do the crystal or silver shopping. Silver was a little hard to find for our budget but got it done today. Have a little to do for another little thing we do at the banquet and then I can go and enjoy it. Katie is toing with me this year. Bob does not think they are as enjoyable as I do.

When I did the chores this evening I had to chuckle. I feed the mares first and put them in their stalls. Pepper has to stay out till I get their gates closed or he tries to get in and share their grain before he goes to his. So when I let the girls in and shut the gate on his nose, he runs laps around the paddock area slipping and sliding. He is so funny. He knows he is going in but he has to do his little circles first.

Bob and went to the casino for dinner tonight. It was good to go and relax. Ran into some good friends of ours that we had not seen for a long time. It was good to give them aa big hug.

Despite the business, it was a good day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday and sunshine

This is a page out of my scrap book that Nikki made for me for Christmas. I love it. It is just excactly what I wanted when I told her that last August.

Didn't you love the sunshine today. If you lived around here that it. It was absolutely a beautiful day. However, it was a high of 18. That is not very warm. In fact NOT warm at all. Matter of fact it was COLD. It was Monday, and I am always slow on Mondays and we have traveled over the weekend and it made the inside of nose freeze when I put the dogs out. So I stayed in the house. Yes Linda, TV is a time waster and I wasted alot of time today. That and I took a nice long nap.

The horses did not seem to suffer with our absence. Katie did a good job feeding and tending to them. Raven is down to 1cc of steroid for 14 more days. I forgot to look at her nose when I was feeding this evening. Duh, I am sorry Raven. I will make a special trip before I go to town to see how it looks. She just stands there munching away when he gives her the shot.

Talked to Tracey today. Always love that. It always makes me with we lived closer. She would inspire me to ride more.

Our Mustang Club Meeting is on Thursday of this week at 6 at Perkins at Mission and Argonne just S of the freeway. If you are not on my e mail list, consider yourself invited.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday the 25th. Of Jan.

We are home and tired but had a great visit with out daughter and their boys. It is always a joy to see them. We got our Christmas gifts. She made me a beautiful scrapbook of my time with Sierra Nevada. It is so beautiful. She also made her dad a book of our trip into Larabee Corrals at Craig Mountain last summer. It is so pretty also. He loved it, I loved mine and its wonderful.

I started breaking out in hives again coming home and took one of the pills they gave me for it and I am fighting going to sleep sitting here. I slept from Moses Lake where we stopped to eat to home and am drifting off again.

Tomorrow I promise a real entry and maybe even a picture. For now its off to bed to sleep this pill off. The hives went away anyway. Good to be home, good to read up on what you all are doing. Don't forget the give away on Serenity Room blog.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Not much this evening. We are leaving in the morning. I have a Washington State Horsemen meeting in Ellensburg and then we are going on over to our daughters home. It has been much too long since we have seen her. We will be home Sunday evening some time.

Katie is going to come out and take care of the outside critters. We will take both the dogs. I think that Bob and I both need to get away for a couple of days.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sequoia's day

Our sweet pony Sequoia is going to a new home. We did not sell him but he is going on a use/lease agreement. They came and looked at him today. He is going to be the steed for a 4 year old named Gracie. I could not be happier. We have a good contract drawn up and it is for a year. Then we will see what happens. I am happy and I know Sequoia will enjoy being ridden almost daily.

I went and got some groceries and just got out of the house for a little while. That felt good. Bob will take my car tomorrow so house bound again but this time its fine. I need to get stuff together for the weekend and for the meeting on Saturday. He will do what he has to after work and gas up the car so we can leave first thing Sat. AM.

Raven just stands for her shot in the neck. She does not even lift her head from eating. There does not seem to be any improvement in her muzzle but she is eating well. When we aren't examining her face every day and not seeing her for a couple of days maybe we will see an improvement when we get back.

I am so worried about all this ice. Pepper went to his knees this morning after I put him out. It scared me silly. He did not like it but stood up and went on about his business. Dixie did that yesterday. I don't see it going away any time soon. I don't think we should use a chemical deicer on it where the horses are. There is really no place else to put them. Will have to think about that.

See ya tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I promised myself I would not piss and moan about the weather a while back but seem to have been slipping back into that frame of mind. You all, at least those who know me and those who have been reading my blog a while know that I don't tolerate grey days well. I get depressed and tuckered out ect. So I don't need to keep elaborating on it.

Bob and I have a meeting in town this evening so I am writing this little ditty early with not a whole lot to tell anyone. Have a dozen things I would like to go to the store for but Bob has my car. If it were parked out in front, I probably wouldnt think of a thing I wanted to do. I do need some blank CD's. Jim came yesterday and showed me how to do a couple of things and if I want to remember, I need to do it. I had a ton of pictures on my computer I needed to take off.

The horses are all just fine and dandy. Raven seems to be eating better but her nose is still funny looking. We have to give her 6 cc's of the steroid tonight. So far she doesn't seem to mind the shot too much.

Tomorrow some people are coming to look at Sequoia. We would sure like to sell him. He needs to go somewhere where he gets ridden and used alot more than he does here.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20th.

Aren't I one handsome dude? The nation got a new president and I got a bath, haircut and my nails trimmed. The only thing is............I need a sweater. My heavy fur coat is gone. Mom can't find mine. Oops.

Raven got her first steroid shot this evening. Bob wanted to give it to her and I most certainly did not want to take that chore away from him. I can do it but its not the favorite thing I do. I probably will end up doing it some days but not today.

It was so cold today. My car sure took a long time for the windows to thaw out this morning when I took Skeeter to Airway Heights for his new do today. Bob will drive it tomorrow so I will be stuck again.

My mood is kind of on the brink today and I don't know why. Probably not enough sleep last night. I did not want to miss any of the inaguration today so I got up to watch it. Me and not enough sleep are not good partners. So that is where I am off to.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Martin Luther King Day

Dr. McKinley floating Ravens teeth. They needed it but did not cause the left side nerve paralysis that is making her muzzel look so funny. He put her on steroid shots for the next month. He says it usually goes away eventually and the steroids will help it. Bob and I both took a big breath when he said it would be OK and even if it doesn't we can still ride her. He said to watch her eating and see that food does not get stuck up on that side of her mouth.
Raven stood in the corner all the while Abby was getting her teeth done. She didn't care too much what went on around her. It took me several minutes to get her that far. She drug her toes and just sort of staggered the entire 10 feet. Reminded me of the drunk horse in the movie
Cat Ballou. Only she didn't lean against the wall and cross her legs. Am I dating myself?
She could not seem to keep her tongue in her mouth. She is a sweet mare and I told her I was sorry for laughing at her. We have had her a couple of years. She is from the Ravendale HMA in California.
Also today we took my saddle in to Pat McGowan at Indiana Harness to go over and fix all up. He told me what kind of a saddle pad I need to bring it up off Dixies shoulders. It is a very comfortable saddle. We also took my chink chaps in to have hooks put on it instead of buckles. I have trouble buckling them especially when my hands are cold and am wearing gloves. The buckles do not feel good under my legs either when sitting in the saddle. Hope this works to make them more useable. Also took our youth saddle in to be repaired. Bob put it on Rusty and she said not today and bucked it off and now it needs fixing. He won't use our grandkids saddle on her any more. We laughed but that is the best saddle for most of the kids. Its a 13" nice leather saddle.
That took up most of our day. I woke up with a headache and will go to bed with it I guess. Sinus, I can tell. It has been hanging around for a while. I may have to break down and go to see the doctor but don't want to.
I think we may go see our daughter Nikki this weekend. They are having a tough time and we think she needs a hug. I have a meeting in Ellensburg Saturday afternoon and I think we will go on over to Marysville. It will be a quick visit but it will be good to see her.
Remember Serenity Room's blog give away. It worth looking at.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Computer doing tricks

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Mostly doesn't but at the moment it seems to be. My guru friend Jim is coming Tuesday to see whats up with it so I will struggle thru until then. So no one get worried if I disappear for a while, I will return.

It was like a fairy land this morning when we went to church. The sun was shining and all the trees are still white with frozen frost. It was beautiful. This evening when the sun went down it was cold out though, really cold.

Tomorrow is vet day for Raven and Abby. I hope its nothing serious for Raven. It sure looks funny for sure.

Today we had planned for our daughter Christyn's birthday and she was not up to coming. Her surgery is in just a week and is miserable. So we invited our neighbors Shannon and Ron and some friends Jim and Kathy to come to dinner. We had it complete with birthday cake and ice cream. I feel bad she was not up to coming but we enjoyed the fun and fellowship with our friends.

Don't forget that Barbara at Serentity Gate is having a wonderful giveaway for Valentines Day. Go check it out. Besides its a wonderful blog.

Oh yes, I meant to say Happy Birthday to our friend Sonny too. His birthday is the same as Chrissy's. His wife Patty is a follower of this blog.

No too much to write about today, Katie came out, our friends came and we had a nice relaxing day.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, yesterday I was so angry I could see red and I am sure there was steam coming out my ears. THEN, when I sat down at the computer it would not connect to the internet. It would connect and then go right back off. Finally, when my head was pounding and I was at wits end I just turned it completely off and went to bed. Obviously it works this morning.

Maybe why it would not work was my anger. I still am but not the head pounding seeing red kind of anger. We work hard living quite frugally on a very small retirement and social security. Bob got an opportunity to go to work for two or three months with the Census Bureau at 1636 W. lst. in Spokane. He usually drives my car to work because it is so economical. I needed my car yesterday and Bob drove "the big blue truck" A 6 speed Dodge Ram 3/4 ton pickup. Some one in the building did not recognize it, supposed it did not belong to anyone there and called EVERGREEN TOWING and they came and towed it away. When they called me and I told them Bob worked there they towed it anyway. The government could not possibly have intervened. In order to get it back we had to pay 329.16 cash. Bob's office told him they would get him his money back but we are steaming. They should have made them returned the truck. They are looking at a law suit and they know that. From the owner of the buiilding, to Bob's high bosses to the towing company. We simply do not have that kind of money to give away for someone elses error.

So maybe that is why the computer would not work last night. I would have said alot more. I had to drive in to Spokane in pea soup fog to take him to the truck and then home in the dark alone in fog so thick you could barely see in front of the car. I was sick to my stomach and my head ached. It was AWFUL.

The fog seems better this morning. I hope so. We have a Back Country Horse Meeting this evening in Hayden, Idaho. We enjoy that group of friends. I am ready for a nice ride somewhere - actually anywhere if we can get thru snow banks. If we had a heater in our small living quarters horse trailer we would go down to Escure Ranch south of Sprauge. It should not have snow. In my dreams maybe. Or down to Odessa to the BLM ranch down there. I am dreaming.

Congratulations again for Linda for winning the book.

Friday, January 16, 2009


And the winner is LINDA of Beautiful Mustang. It was drawn just a little bit ago. We will figure out how to get it to you. Seems silly to mail something when I know you live in the area. Congratulations. I will do another drawing when I figure out what and how.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Freezing Fog

Rusty, isn't that a face? Beautiful to me, don't know if she can see out but love looking at it. The white on her main on the ends is frozen fog. I am sorry it did not show up as clearly in the picture. For those that don't know, she is from Beautty's Butte in Oregon.
I feel so bad for my blogger friend Barbara. She and her husband lost their beloved lab yesterday. Tai was 14 or 15 years old. It hurts so bad, I know.
Also my friend Andi in Burns, Oregon lost her mother last weekend. Feel bad for her. She was, and is, leaving tomorrow for Santa Fe, NM to help with things and she did intend to see her mother. Bless her heart. I know how it feels to lose ones mother. -
I don't want to gripe about this weather so I won't say I am sick and tired of looking out to see lots of white. Could not even see our mailbox just across the road in front of the house today. Makes one want to say something really bad. REALLY bad.
Pepper surely does try ones patience at times. Yesterday he nearly nocked me down getting by the mares coming in. SO, this evening I took the lunge whip with me when I went to let the girls in. I let the girls in and shut their stall doors before I let him in or he runs in with Dixie and tries to take her food. Now he knows where his stall is, so when I went to let him in he ran by me with his head up like stop me, I dare you. Then he stopped at the hay in the barn and looked at me like, this is where I am going tonight. He would no move. I popped him on the rear with the lunge whip and he trotted down and into his stall, swung around and stomped his foot at me. I laughed at him. He is such a character. He can be so naughty but he will pack any little kid around. Never doing anything bad. He does have a personality plus though.
Tonight is all you have to comment on the blog so you go into the drawing for the book. I know you will enjoy it. I will draw when I get up in the morning. Remember The Serenity Room blog is having a great giveaway too.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do nothing Wednesday

When Bob takes my car to work then I am afoot. Well the truck is here but the clutch is weird and I can't drive it. I probably would not go anywhere but always think I might want to when the car is gone.

We have an appointment with Dr. Jed McKinley for Raven next Monday. That is the first time we could get her in unless we wanted to pay for a farm call. It is cheaper than most because we are one of his very first customers when he came here out of college. We appreciate that. It does not seem like an emergency but is weird. One side of her upper lip is puffed up and kind of hangs over. She puts her tongue out the other side of her mouth. She is eating fine and seems happy. She won't let us look at it too close. I think there is a splinter in it or cheet grass. He could have seen her tomorrow but Bob is working and I just can't manage a weird clutch in a 6 speed truck. Especially pulling a 4 horse trailer behind it. I don't want to try to twitch her with the problem being her upper lip so we will wait for Jed to do it. Sedate her I am sure.

My foot is black and blue but it will survive. I threatened Pepper with bodily harm if he tried his little trick again. He just gave me a blank look like "Me, I wouldn't do that". I told him he was a spoiled brat. That didn't seem to faze him either.

Just 2 days left on the book drawing. Be sure to comment on the blog and then I will add your name to the Mixed Nut can. Seemed appropriate to me. The more often you comment, the more often you name goes in. Go look at The Serenity Room. She has a wonderful give away for Valentines Day. I added a Links posting to her blog. At least that is what I think it is. Well I didn't do it. Nikki did it for me.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I showed Sequoia to a very nice lady. I don't know if she will buy him or not but we had a nice visit and she saw all our menagerie. I always like to talk to people who are horse people and to swap stories. She lives up between Springdale and Ford.

Katie came and played with Abby some. We began working again on showmanship details. She is going to show Abby this year. She should do OK if she can keep her nerves under control.

Pepper played a game with me this morning when I put him out. He wanted to stop and eat hay and when I wouldn't let him he deliverty stepped on my right foot. Its a might sore tonight. I slugged him on his shoulder to get him to move his foot. He looked at me like whats with you, I couldn't help it if your foot was there. Bad boy.

Other than going to Walmart to get some quilt batting and some things for salad this was just a day. Nothing exciting, nothing boring, just a day. Don't forget my book give away. I will draw on Friday morning.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Foggy foggy foggy

Breakfast this morning. From the bottom Raven,Abby, Liberty,
Sequoia, Yuma and Rosie.

Although the picture on the left is not so good these two heifers were twinds that were born the middle of March last year. They have thrived and done so well. They are Molly and Polly but I will be jiggered if I know which is which. They are both so black now. One was really brown when she was born and the other black. Now.........One is larger. I just call them Molly/Polly. We will keep them.
We had an interesting evening after I signed off last night. Things change so quickly some times. Bob was soaking in the bathtub preparing for this week of work. The house phone rang, I answered it. It was a young woman who was very upset and on the verge of tears. She and her husband were from Post Falls and had come over to ride on the Columbia Plateau trail out of the Amber Lake trailhead. When they got back to the truck, it would not start. They had just spent 3,500 dollars on repairs on it. They had it towed back to wherever they had the repairs done but could find no one to tow their goose kneck trailer. With their horses in it. They had called all over. At some point they called some friends of ours from Rathdrum and they gave them our number. Bob got dressed, put the gooseneck hitch in the truck. We have both a 5th. wheel and a gooseneck hitch for the truck. He went to the trailhead, got the trailer and took them home to Post Falls and then home about 1:30 this AM. They paid him but he would not take it all. We might need it some day. It all turned out OK.
I did the chores this morning and as usual (well most of the time) I had my little camera in my pocket. I was not as early as Bob so they were very glad to see me. I made Rusty let me pet her shoulder and her neck before I would let her eat. The pasture horses were glad to get their hay. And Yang our barn kitty told me in no uncertain meows that I was late with his breakfast too.
This afternoon I got a call about Sequoia. We need to sell him. The grandkids don't come often enough to ride him. Sheya thinks he is hers but she can ride Rosie. The lady works in Airway Heights and will come tomorrow to see him. It has to be a really special home though or he stays here. He is past 20 and a great pony.
Bob got new tires for the front of my car. He was still fuming that it would not go up Deep Creek Hill on Sunday. The tires were pretty worn out. It will go now.
My friend Barbara at the Serenity Gate asked us to list 6 things we are thankful for. Can you list 6? I did. Have many but I kept the 6. l. My 6 children both living on the earth and living with Jesus. 2. My relationship with the Lord 3. Grandchildrens smoochy kisses 4. Bob - 51 1/2 years of loving 5. My friend Louise that I have had as a friend since we were 4 6. My poodle Skeeter.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Turn right and go.5 miles and you are at my front door. Not a whole lot of snow left but when it freezes we have an ice arena. We tried to go the back way into church this morning but could not get up the other side of the hill. Solid ice, so we could not get up the hill we had just came down (didn't try) so we went out Deep Creek Rd. to Hiway 2. That made us late for church and you who know me know how much i love being late. It makes me sick to my stomach. Only one of my kids inherited that trait. Steve would rather not go than be late and that is my feeling exactly. Hate it.

Bob finished cleaning the stalls nice and clean today so the horses have nice clean stalls this evening. We didn't do much else. We were going over to our friend Cathy's to help her with her mustang but ice is not something we wanted to deal with. We will go when the weather is better. He is a big horse, over 16 hands and a bit intimidating just by size. He is going to make a great horse though, just have to get to him this one last thing.

Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. I am counting on it. One of my New Years Goals, I don't call them resolutions is to get out at least once a week when the weather is nasty and every day when its nice to work with the horses. Maybe Rusty, maybe another. It will be good for whoever and for me too. I do the chores every evening during the week but that is not what I mean. I want to work up a sweat on me.

Don't forget Hope Rising, my book giveaway. Just thru Thursday. Am getting a nice list to draw from. The more often you comment the more often you get entered. Go look at The Serenity Gate blog. She has a wonderful give away going until Valentines day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Not much today. Bob went and got 8 big bales of hay. He found a good deal on some nice hay in Greenbluff. Much closer than where we got most of our hay this past summer in Fruitland and that was way more. I think we have enough now to make it thru the rest of the winter. We still have bales of good alfalfa hay that I feed to the old girl and some to the others in the barn.

We may have a horse visiting for a while. He did not call today. Some friends of ours that have been separated for some time are going to try to resurrect their relationship and need a temporary place for the horse. Please pray for them, there are 2 children involved who have had a really hard time.

I need to go to Walmart and get the batting for Jade's quilt. Have it nearly ready to put together. Its turning out nice. Different than the one I made for her brother Sky for his birthday. I wish she could remember by mother but she died before Jade was born. I have had the flannel I backed it with since I "inherited" a barrel of fabric from mama. I think that is about the last of it. I would have used it on one of the older kids when I get to them but its a pink print and she is the only one who would like pink. She is 11.

Don't forget the book drawing after next Thursday. You will enjoy it and it is an easy read.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Skating Rinks and Poopsicles

Nikki said in her blog "Life With Boys" to be careful what you wish for. I love the open roads but the ice is difficult and the poop is awful Bob says he is going to clean stalls and the cow shed this weekend. I hope so. I don't know if my back will take the shoveling in the stalls.

The horses were glad to get out this morning. Pepper was his normal "can I irritate you" frame of mind but the other two went out docile and polite. I will have to watch Dixies eye. It was mattery this morning. She let me wipe it out before she went outside. She is so patient.

I had some kind of a bug this afternoon that kept me close to the house but got the chores done in spite of it. Didn't feel bad except at moments. The stalls are gross and if the inside horses did not need their supplements, I would not have put them in. They will survive though. We need to get a load of shavings from somewhere. Saw some on Craigslist. Need to go there again and look. We used to get them from Dumor Recycling but they can't get them anymore. I think we have enough for one more beding. Hate to buy it by the bale. We may get down to that.

Don't forget my book give away. Just comment up to next Thursday and then I will draw on Friday morning. I will have Bob do the drawing or someone besides myself. Linda at Beautiful Mustang is giving a book away too.

At Barbara's blog "Serenity Gate" did a blog about things that people might not know about her. So we could get to know her/each other better. How about giving me 2 things that I and others might not know. mine are #1 - I am crazy about shoes, high heels, #2 I drink too much diet coke (but don't try to stop me). She gave 10 but I won't try that.

See you later.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mud boots, snow boots and now back to Mud boots

Well we aren't quite down to mud in most places but it is water over ice which makes it tricky walking. I am not really afraid of much but I am afraid of falling on the ice and hurting myself. #1 I don't like to get hurt and #2 at my age bones seem to break easier.

We are in a mess here with water. Both ends of the barn have water running in. Peppers stall is half way filled with water. The snow was higher than the barn. Every year we talk about raising the stalls especially on the west end of the barn but then forget it but this is the worst it has been. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it now. The water has to go someplace and this seems to be it. I expect Dixies stall to be starting to flood by morning. Dittos is higher.
But at this point, it may too. With 10-12 foot piles along side the barn, its a mess. Rusty's pen is getting bad too. We will have to somehow get the other round pen put up and move her to it. We had intended to do that anyway but did not plan to do it in the midst of all this glop.

Bob just has worked since Monday of this week and he got a job promotion today. As soon as the roads are better he will start delivering stuff to the outlying areas. Packets from the Censes Bureau. If its OK, maybe I will get to go with him some of the time. That would be nice.

Not much else going on. Started another denim quilt today for our grandaughter Jadeyn. She will love it, I am sure. I love to sew but when I get inturrupted it is hard to get back to it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Slip some, slide some and falling off the roof

This morning I woke up to it snowing again but I did not whine and moan. I told myself, I did not have to like it but if I believed God was in control then shut up about it. So I am. Then it started to rain. Snow began sliding off the roof, it is scarey when it happens but its a good thing. I am glad all is shoveled that would be in danger.

I shoveled out my car this morning. I thought to myself how ridiculous it was. I have driven all over the place every winter. I have not this winter and now that Bob is working for a while, I am stuck here. So out came the car. I had a little trouble driving out of our place onto Christensen Rd. There is just a little rise in the road and the snow is so deep its hard to see and just as I hit the road I had to stop. Then I was stuck but with rocking the car and working at it, I got unstuck and went to buy groceries. Old Mother Hubbards Cupboard was getting low. I needed to have some fresh veggies and salad. Bob would live on hot dogs or eggs but I needed more. Don't do hotdogs anyway. I was quite proud of myself actually.

THEN, I got home and was carrying in the first 2 bags and wham, a big piece came off of the roof, hit me in the side of my head and my shoulder. It hurt. Then I could not get the storm door clear open nor closed. So I stayed inside until it was time to do the chores and sqeezed out. Bob shoveled it the rest of the way for me. The walkway between the garage and the deck is hip deep with slide off the garage. I do have a knot on my head but no permanent damage. Just scared me for a few.

When I went to put the horses out this morning Pepper decided it was his turn to get loved on. I hugged and kissed him and brushed him before he went outside. Dixie didn't care today, she wanted out and Ditto always just wants out. During the snow/rain all the horses stayed out in their pasture except Yuma the donkey. He was in the shed. He looked at me like, they are stupid, its dry in here.

Bob carried the rest of the groceries in and put them up for me as I was getting dinner. Good fellow. He likes his little job. He is working for the census bureau.

I went meaning on the BLM site where they have the horses posted that are going to be on the internet adoption starting next week. My favorite is #1653. A gorgeous grey 2 year old. He is sure nice. I think he is at the Ridgecrest facility. From Pauls valley I especially like #1041. She is from the same place as Sierra was and looks enough like her to be her sister. She was such an easy baby to work with. If we had the time, money ect. I would not hesitate to put in a bid on her. Pauls Valley is in OK> though and that is a little far to go get her. I can daydream though can't I.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Go Away

I refuse to post another snow picture for a week. You all know I am sick of it. SICK of it. And we have anotheer 8 inches last night.

Bob started a job today that will last about 3 months for the census bureau. So I will be putting the horses out to the pasture and the evening chores. I am glad because that forces me to get outside and to make a connection with the horses. When I went to put them out this morning the first thing I noticed was a grey kitten eating in Yangs dish. Yang is a very large barn kitty. Bob has been telling me she is there, I would guess shes a she and also a black one that is a little larger. I didn't see the black one though.

I put Pepper out first. He was glad to get out. When I went to let Dixie out she did not want to go. She wanted me to love on her and pet her and talk to her so I did for a while. She gets a really strange looking face in the winter. She gets alot of black around her eyes and on down to her muzzle. Since having her teeth done this fall she is getting her nice figure back. In fact, she is kind of chubby which I am thrilled to see because she got so thin over the summer. It worried me. Finally she wanted to go out with me. She walked with her head against me. I was so irritated with myself that I had let the snow keep me away from her. Ditto was her usual self, just take me out please so I can roll in the snow. She does that every day.

Liberty was looking for some attention too. I know she misses Tyler. He usually found time to pet her and talk to her most days. She is a sweet girl too. When she came a year and a half ago and had never been touched at 9 years old she was a spooky lucy. Did not want us around her. Tyler won her confidence. He never had the nerve to get completely on her but he could have. He was soft and calm with her.

Abby misses Katie but her dad and mom won't let her drive in this nasty weather. I don't blame them but she misses Abby and Abby misses her. Abby would get in your lap if she could.

Don't forget to sign on and comment to win a chance at the book Hope Rising. So far there are seven entries. The more often you comment, the more chances you have. Good luck.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It started out sunny -

Our grandaughter wanted to cut her grandpa's hair today when he said he needed to have it done. He said he didn't care. Actually all she had to do was shave it all off with the clippers. She did a good job and was quite pleased with herself. She just turned 15 on Dec. 30th. She was born and named Nicolette Elizabeth, has always been Nikki (Little Nikki to the family) but she has decided she doesn't like her name and goes by Neddie. Oh Well, what goes on in the mind of an adolesent? I don't know for sure. She was named for her aunt Nikki.

We had a calm rest of the day. Our daughter Christyn came out with her partner Wendy and Chrissy's 3 kids. We had burgers and chips and had a wonderful day with them. They got a puppy from their father for Christmas. And live in an apartment. She asked him not too but he did anyway. He is a cute little bugger but is going to be huge. Skeeter didn't like him so much. He tried to play with him but the pup would grab his ear and swing on it. Skeeter didn't like that so much.

The snow was so beautiful this morning. Acres of diamonds shining. The sky was so blue. It was wonderful. I did not sleep well last night. I woke up feeling lethargic but after looking out at the feelings how could I not have my spirits lifted.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

It Came

The beautiful rose pink shawl arrived today. It is so beautiful. I have worn it off and on all afternoon. Thank you so much Barbara.
The other picture is our shoveling crew came today to ease Bob's burden of shoveling such deep heavy snow. Our son Tom, our grandson Joel, Katie and her dad Doug came and got the barn clear. That was worrying Bob and he has been getting more tired every day. Thank you so much and I hope you are all blessed for doing this.
We had an interesting late afternoon. After everyone left and we were relaxing and wishing the crew lots of good things for taking their Saturday afternoon to help us and Bob went to make a pot of coffee. He looked out the kitchen window and there were horses everywhere - ours of course. By the time we got boots on and coats and gloves grabbed I dashed out the front door and he the back door and by that time all eight of them were milling around in the middle of the road. I dashed out there (and I don't dash so good at 70 when it is 5 degrees) and waved a car to stop and got behind the herd. They all went and started down our driveway EXCEPT Pepper, he decided to kick Ditto and run her off, she trotted back to me and I had to rope or anything and she tried to go off thru the yard and got stuck in the ditch that has probably 8 or so feet of snow in it. She was thrashing around but got turned around and back on the road. She went down and back down the driveway into the barn and into her stall. In the meantime Sequoia decided to have a go at running away. I got out to the road and asked another car to stop with my frantic waving. when he saw the car he started off the the ditch over there but he got thru and made it back to the others. By that time Bob had gotten Dixie in and after some language that might make a sailor blush he got Pepper to go to his stall. He got the gate open and one by one they ambled back in. They had broken a panel loose and had almost let Rusty out too. That would have been a real hair curler. Keeps life interesting. I guess.
I am finished with the book Hope Rising by Kim Reeder. It is a wonderful book of short essays about rescued horses and rescued children. The fly leaf says " Where Wounded Spirits Run Free. Follow a horse where no one else can tread through the minefield of pain that surrounds a broken child's soul. From a mistreated horse to an emotionally starved child and back again, a torren of love revives their barren places. Come vist a place where the impossible flourishes, where dreams survie the inferno of reality - a place where hope rises." From now until the 15th. of January everyone that comments will be put in a drawing for the book. I have tried to think of some infinately new way to do it, but my mind is in its winter relaps. You might tell your other blogger friends to come over and visit.
Today is Tracey's Darling's 15th. birthday. When I talked to Tracey earlier today, she was about to make them burgers as to D's request. Happy Birthday Darling Daughter.
Now I will see if this publishes. I have started 2 times previously and something (probably me) messed up. So happy Saturday to you all.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Bryant

Our back yard. We went to town today to get some grain, cat food ect., go to the Used Book Store and the stuff you just have to do once in a while. I was getting cabin fever and so I jumped at the chance to get out for a while. However, we had never seen traffic in Spokane like that, the roads are awful, the drivers were rude and drove like idiots. 3 lane roads are barely 2. It was horrid so we came home the back way out Seven Mile Rd. to Coulee Heights Rd. up Brooks to Christensen and home. The roads needed plowing in places but with a 4x4 it was good and NO traffic or people trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic out of a parking lot. Grrrrrrrr. There, that is off my chest.

Happy Birthday Bryant. I love you and can not believe you are 18 already. I hope we get to see you soon. Your card will be in the mail tomorrow. Grandma is late as usual.

Didn't clean saddles today, opted to go to town. Probably wouldn't have a head ache if I had stayed home and done that.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

What a way to start the year. This picture was taken out my dining room window - I opened the window and leaned out to take the picture. I know its a little lop sided but I was holding the camera, grabbing Skeeter and the wanted to go out of the window and try to not get agitated at Trouble the cat for trying too. But you can see the mess slipping off the roof.

Thank you Barbara for drawing my name - The Serenity Room -. When the scarf gets here I will have Bob take a picture of me and the scarf. I have found what I want to give away at a drawing here. But I want to finish it first. It is a series of short little stories about a ranch somewhere near Bend, Oregon that rescues horses and children and pairs them up and they help each other heal. I remember buying it several years ago and put it up and promptly forgot about it. I was going thru the bookshelf today and there it was. When I started it, I knew that was what I wanted to give. There is that big but though, I want to finish it and figure out how I am going to do it. It is called Hope Rising by Kim Meeder.

I just laid around today not doing much at all. Andrea gave me a wonderful idea on her blog - Mustang Saga - clean, recondition and polish my saddle and bridle. Maybe then when I finish those I will start on the others. I love my saddle though. It needs to go in to have some work done on it but I don't know now when it will get there. It is still very useable, just needs some upkeep before riding season really gets here. That will give me something to do. It does not sound like the weather is going to improve all that much.

A second Walmart had to close abruptly today because of the snow on the roof, if you live around here you know Roseaurs (large grocery store) roof collapased on Francis and the one ways, 2 buildings at the fair have caved in. Our cow shelter would be down by morning had Bob not shoveled it today. The south side of our barn needs it too but Bob came in just exhausted and could not do that. I worry about him shoveling so much. It had better be standing in the
morning. I think it will, just has slid off the high part of the barn on to the lower part and its pretty deep.

I lit all the candles sitting around today. Love candles. They brighten my spirits.