Friday, November 9, 2012

This and That

Well, struggling with pictures again.  Got three of four to down load but can't get them apart to write under each of them, so will just do it this way.

The top picture is the sunset this evening.  I stopped in the middle of doing chores to to get my camera and take it.    The second one is out my bedroom window this morning.  We received a couple of inches.  Our temperature at the moment is 30 and that is what it has been all day.  Not much wind thank goodness. 

The bottom picture was taken in Nikki's front yard while I was over there.  I did not see the night crawler until I looked at the picture.  A big sucker for sure.  Loved the colors in the leaf.

This evening I put all three of the horses that are going to be stalled in.  Ditto just goes when you open the gate and I think Sage might have but I did halter her.  She was happy to get in.  Rosie too.  They all got a bit of grain and they think they are really all it and some more besides. 

I did the chores tonight because a neighbor's horse had a heart attack and died this morning.  Bob went to bury it for them.
Not an old horse, not sick, just fell over dead.  It certainly made me thankful for my coming 31 year old horse. 

I wasn't ready for winter but no one asked me.