Monday, November 24, 2008

Its Monday and Tyler appeared

This is my Mississippi pig. I want really really bad to go to Grenada, Mississippi in the early summer and Bob told me we could not afford it and if I wanted to go I would have to find the money. I dug around and found this pig and put him on the kitchen counter. I expect everyone to put their loose change in. LOL. I think I have 75 cents in it as of today. Bob suggested I hitch Rosie to my four wheel cart and drive her there. I said I did not think so. Then he suggested I ride Dixie. Noooooooooooooo I don't think I want to do that either. I will have to find a way to make some money. I want to drive.
Katie left mad today and I am sorry but she needs to learn to take criticism. Abby was naughty but she is a good enough rider to have done a one reign stop and gotten control instead of bailing off. She wants to ride Pepper and I tell her no she has a horse of her own. Usually. She was not going to get back on but Bob did insist that she do just that. I get so tired of her whining about her. She is the one who wanted that horse. She is the most timid rider. She wants a well broke horse than never wobbles but she doesn't want to do the work to get her there. She has Bob wrapped around her little finger but I just won't give in to her. She won't learn any other way.
He thinks I am too hard on her. LOL (as I grit my teeth)
My young friend Anita had her fourth boy over the weekend. Eli Graceson is welcomed by his brothers Ian, Lee, and Dru. Welcome Eli.
Tyler pulled in here this afternoon with his little black furball Bolt. He is a cutie. Skeeter wants to play but he wants Tyler to hold him. He spent last night at his brothers in Spokane - Joel. He brought some things to them. We are glad to have him back.
Steve is coming out tomorrow to start on our new front porch. We will see how that goes. I have my ideas on paper for some time and we will see what Steven says. For those that don't know, Steven is our oldest son. He will be 50 in February and that makes me feel exceedingly OLD.
If he is done by noon we will go back over and see Jenn and Riley and see if we can do any more to help her. If not it will be next week. She does have a trainer coming on Wednesday that the BLM called for her. I don't think she has done much since we were there. I don't know if she is afraid or is about to give up. Makes me wonder. I talked to her today.
Bob went and got our trailer today. I we can find a frig for about 400 dollars cheaper than they wanted for one. Its still a little over a thousand but that is better than 1500. We will order it next week I think. We did not need that expense now. Oh well such is life. My pig won't get very full very fast at that rate.

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  1. Hey Grandma Lea...We are so glad to have Eli home. We are doing well and slowly adjusting to adding one more...some slower than others...and that would be Lee. :) There's always one right? I'm sure you've seen pictures and I have posted some on mypace page if you need a 'fix'. Love ya!