Friday, January 18, 2013

Another picture of Sage up close.  She wanted me close and kept sticking her head out for me to rub it.  I love her so much.
This is Murphy, Marilyn's horse trying the same thing.  Murphy is a mustang from around Murphy, Idaho.Frozen fog is getting tiresome.  It is predicted to be hovering here for the next week.  It is pretty on the trees but not the roads.

I put a recipe for Beer Bread on here the last time I posted and it called for Self rising flour.  I looked it up and you can make your own with 1 1/2 tsp. baking powder per cup of flour.  I am going to bake another loaf but not tonight.

We surely are enjoying our butter we have been getting in Deer Park.  It is made by the Amish and the Yokes in DP carries it..  We ate it first at friends and got some for ourselves.  It is so good.  I don't like butter in a box and squares like margarine but I really like this.

I had Justin today and poor baby had a tummy ache all day.  When his mother picked him up and I told her and she got teary and said she had eaten some really spicy stuff last night and I am sure that is what upset his tummy today.  I felt so bad for him but all I could do was cuddle and rock.  He is really a happy baby and he loves me.  He was all smiles when she brought him.  The milk I gave him was pumped last night and that is what upset him.  Bless her heart, she is so faithful nursing him.  He was 3 months yesterday.

Steve came today and put the finishing touches for Bob to pour the floor of the bathroom in the barn.  It should have been done long ago but Steve has been busy.  It should be done by nice weather and I spend more time down there then.

We have a pair of large owls, really large that are around here in the mornings and some evenings.  We finally have found where they sit and hoot at each other.  We could hear then but for the life of us could not find them but Bob did yesterday.  They are so pretty.  We had one sitting on a post in our front yard a few months ago but it was too dark to get a picture.  I wanted one really bad.  Maybe another time.

I made potato soup for lunch today.  My all time favorite thing to eat.  The problem was I used all the milk.  Bob will have to eat something besides cereal for breakfast.  I will go to the store after I get up which is later than him.

Now that I have rambled along - nothing too exciting around here today.  Just a crying baby.