Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Thankful Tuesday

Spring on the West Plains
Today I am thankful beside the obvious of being up and around and mostly recovered from the rear ending last Thursday, I am thankful for the blogs that I read. I can't list them all, There are simply too many but each and everyone give me enjoyment and insight. There is The Serenity Gate that always gives me a peaceful feeling and Barbara is a dear person. I have been blessed to meet her. The Life and Times of Penny the Neighborhood Dog is life at my sisters house thru the eyes of her chocolate lab Penny. My daughter writes Life with Boys about her l stepson, 6 sons, l daughter in law and 2 grandaughters. She is way more talented than she thinks. Wagonteamster Home has given me some ups and downs. He started out driving 4 beautiful horses, not knowing where he would end up or when and in April was rearended in his wagon by a semi going 60 mph. 2 horses were killed and he nearly but he is up and going again, not driving his team yet but planning trip #2. Mustang Saga is written by my friend Andrea . Nienie Dialougs is inspiring. She was in an airplane piloted by her husband and it crashed nearly a year ago. They both survived but she was severely burned and in a coma for a long time. Her blog about her recovery makes me so greatful for each day. Motherhood is not for Wimps is a really funny blog written by a lady that just had her 3rd. baby girl. She really is funny and articulates it in a hysterically funny way. If you love great photography particularly of mustangs, Spring Creek Mustangs will make you happy. Her picturers are beautiful. Mustang Diaries is written by my friend Tracey and is the first blog that I read on a regular basis. Backroad Chronicles is written by my cousin Joy. I am traveling about the country vicariously with she and Phil. That is a drop in the bucket to them all and I am thankful for each one. I would love to sit down with the authors of all of them and talk about their lives. Of course I do with Sharon and Nikki - my sister and daughter but all the others, I would love to meet. What they all write blesses my days.

Nothing much too exciting going on around here today. The wind blew like a wind tunnel most of the day. The horses were running and romping and playing like Pegasus. Looked like fun to me. At least if I didn't have to be on them. Even old Ditto was kicking up her heels.
Have a blessed Wednesday.