Monday, October 29, 2012

Another Day

 I was so thrilled to see our daughter Chrissy and her three kiddos on Sunday.  They made a quick dash over.  From the left, Jadeyn is 15, Nikki is almost 19 and goes to school in Sacramento, CA.  She is so tiny.  Skylor is 16 and one handsome dude. 
Our little cowboy.  He will need to grow into it all though.  I want another picture with the same stuff but I needed to put a different lens on.  He is such a sweet baby.

Yesterday I caught Sage and she really hurt my feelings.  She was naughty and did not want to do anything I wanted her to do.  It was disappointed in her.  I am glad I had not intended to ride her.  She was stinky to catch too.  When I get back from Seattle next week she is going to come in to the stall at night and I will handle her a lot more.  Its as much my fault as hers I guess.  I have not done too much with her.

I am leaving in the morning for Nikki's.  On Thursday down to Seattle for the Washington State Horsemen convention.  Sunday back to Nikki's and Tuesday home again.  I may get time to write something but who knows, I might not either.