Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Gorgeous Day

O Our first baby of this year. He was born this afternoon. His name is Patrick. We got his mama from Andi in Oregon.
He did not want us too close.

Look, the tree is going to be having leaves very soon. Little sprouts all over the tree. I wanted to do a happy dance. I did not think Spring was ever going to come.

I made an apple crisp this morning out of home grown apples. It was quite good. We had it with a scoop of ice cream for supper.
A good day. I got a lot done in the house, some outside yard work done and worked with Sage just a bit. Bob went to a funeral this morning and then came home and got the trailer unstuck AGAIN. Now it is parked in its place by the barn. There is just no bottom there has been so much rain. We have never seen it quite like this. Northern Energy delivered propane today and he got stuck. I thought he would have to call Rouses to get him out but he managed it. Now the ground is really torn up out there. I think that should be the last propane until Sept. or October.