Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

The view of the igloo from the porch.
The front door to the igloo. I didn't crawl in.

Down our road. It looks like a Christmas Card to me.

The trees with their coats of snow.

The front yard tree. It is so pretty.
It has snowed pretty much all afternoon. I don't know how much has come down. I am so thankful for the tractor and snowplow. And more thankful that Bob can do it.
Rosie is now sharing the barn with Sage. Bob cleaned the stalls good today. I can hardly do it anymore. My shoulder will not do it. Amelia does not want to come in and she beats up on Rosie as do the other horses so we just showed them, she comes in at night. We tried putting them in the round pen together but Sage was upset with it so Rosie went to another pen.
I will be glad when the two mustangs we rescues can go to their new homes. They could go now but no one wants to pull a horse trailer on these roads. Both of them will go down roads that are not taken too well care of. Bob could ride Cash over but its about 12 miles and I would rather he didn't.
Am watching Gonzaga Basket Ball. Love those boys. They are tromping Eastern Washington bad. Maybe I will go work on Christmas card.

Monday, November 29, 2010

More weekend pictures

After dinner and most people had gone home, Nikki and her family and Bob and I went in to Joel and Heathers for another dinner. It was her first Thanksgiving dinner. I was proud of her. It is a long story why they didn't come to our house.

Miss Emma. I don't know if being there is working but we are trying.

Bob perusing the paper.

Chrissy and I.

Granddaughter Jadeyn and DIL Debbie. She has been quite sick. Was up to coming but had no energy and usually she flits around helping everywhere.

Another hijacked picture from Nikki.

Scout trying to get Nikki's attention. She was horrified that she would get up there. She is a funny little dog.

Fun in the snow

Sheya, granddaughter. Not a very flattering picture of her but getting her quiet long enough to take a picture is tough.
Had to go into town today for a shopping expedition. A good time to go. Monday morning and the parking lot was not full and the stores were not jammed.
Didn't take any pictures today, maybe tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

All the company is gone

Thanksgiving eve we ordered in Pizza. These guys were saying "we want one some too"

When I got up Thanksgiving morning, Nikki and Lane were snuggling and surrounded by dogs. Her little Scout is never far from her side.
My girls - Chrissy and Nikki.

Nikki who almost 16 years ago was named after her Aunt Nikki. She is our diabetic sweetheart.

The golden turkey done just right. The problem was it was very have to get out of the pan. I forgot to put the straps of foil in under it. It was not very pretty when we got it out but it tasted heavenly.

The table. Not enough room to set at the table so I had smaller ones sitting up in the living room and TV trays so we all had a good place to eat.

Pistol and Scout playing. Pistol got out without her coat on so it did not last too long.

Lili took the barrette out of her hair and was showing me her glasses. I think her frames are too large for her. She doesn't like wearing them. Lili was born with a cataract on her eye. I don't understand why they can't just remove it but I am not a doctor.

Nathaniel is about to walk. He is the happy epitome of an easy baby. Its a good thing she had Lili first. He is just smiley and sweet.

Out the dining room window the morning after .

Nikki took this picture and I just love it so I decided to hijack it and print it here. She has a wonderful eye for pictures.
Had a real scare yesterday with Sage but as it turned out it just made me love her more. Bob was out plowing and he looked over and Sage was out of the round pen wandering around the side yard. She went over into the arena and was eating on a bale of hay. My outside wanted to panic but my inside stayed calm. I picked up her lead rope and talked to her a second and then I just reached up and snapped it on her halter and she came with me back to the round pen. She had gotten the gate open and just wandered off. I am so very proud of her. That is the first time she has been on her own outside a pen since she was gathered 11 months ago. No pictures, we were all just short of panicking.
The big boys (Nikki's) and Tom built a huge igloo in the front yard. I will need to get out tomorrow and take a picture of their masterpiece. They made a huge pile of snow with the tractor and then hollowed it out. It is quite a sight.
I will have more pictures tomorrow. Blessings to everyone. Hope your weekend was as good as ours.

Friday, November 26, 2010

On the Way to 1000 Blessings

501. When a song just bubbles up inside you
502. Subway roast beef sandwiches
503. Great News that you didn't expect
504. Bob's omelette's
505. surprises from your kids
506. changes
507. Sunsets out my front window
508. Janets injuries were not serious after all
509. Dates with our grandchildren one by one
510. Opinions even if they are not ours
511. Thanksgiving
512 Grandchildren who can help me with me cell phone
513. Snow boots
514. Warm gloves
515. Cool Whip
516. Crotchet books with easy directions.
517. Sharp scissors
518 Balanced checkbooks
519. Children traveling 350 miles for Thanksgiving
520. Husband help getting ready for company
521. Raggedy Ann Dolls
522. Dog groomers
523 Golden turkeys done just right
524. Candied yams
525. Great granddaughter's hugs.
526 Great grandsons big dimples
527. A grandsons =Seth- MVP trophy from his basketball team
528. Twinkly lights in the snow
529. Cousins playing together.
530. Pictures for memories

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PreThanksgiving arrivals

No pictures, Nikki and Carmen and their younger two boys got here about 5. Its too cold for them to go outside much but they had a run around the farm before they came in. Good to run off their energy and gave their mom and dad a rest from their voices.

All is done in advance of tomorrow. So wonderful to have them here. Tomorrow will be filled with more family. This mama's heart is full

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. May your day be blessed in every way.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunshine Today

My raspberry cobbler. It is going to be good, it smells great. Am glad I have an automatic oven cleaner though. It ran over. I will bake zucchini bread in the morning. Also make the jello salad. Made the cranberry one today.
The front of our house today

Bob is building a trailer in front of the garage.

Out my front door this morning...

Monday, November 22, 2010


This little series of pictures was sweet Sage getting put out today. When Bob went to put her in she put her head against his chest as if to say get me out of this. He was tickled. She is just turning into a sweet soft horse that does not spook at much.
Our blizzard is here. The wind is not as much as it was predicted so far but it may and probably will come. The snow is here though. Poor Pistol and Sage hate going out in it to go potty. I think they hold it until they can't for another minute. It is up to their belly and beyond. Bob will need to shovel them out a space tomorrow. Maggie goes out and in about that fast but she is a big dog.
I am concerned about out kids driving over the mountains on Wednesday. I want them here so bad. All four of children will be here. They have not been here all together for a holiday since just before Scott died. Hope we can get some good pictures.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snow and Cold

Just some pictures of this and that.
A giggling granddaughter Nikki. She was having fun playing with the dog. And was laughing at me.

On our way to church, down the road a bit there was this large flock of turkeys. They were not too worried about us stopping and taking their picture. The old man that used to live there fed them but he died this past summer and no one lives there now.
My Skeeter that needs to see the groomer in the worst of ways. He was cuddled down having a nap.
Today it was very cold. It is about 23 right now and dropping like a rock. On top of that it is snowing off and on all day. We are supposed to 6 to 10 inches by Tuesday. We will see. Maybe the prognosticators made a mistake. When we came out of church it was magical - just small snowflakes drifting down. I will be tired of it by day after tomorrow though.
Sage stayed in today. We needed the round pen. A man came and looked at Cash and is going to take him. He took the paperwork to fill out and send in with his 25.00. He worked him in the round pen for a while and Bob trimmed his feet. It will be a great home. We know the man who is taking him. So now they both are promised to good and loving people that we know and trust.
I makes me feel very pleased that we got to be a part of it.
I guess winter is really upon us. We usually have out first snow by Halloween so guess we are better off. Nights like this I wish we had a fireplace but I really don't like the mess.

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Cold Day

Not much happening here today. Bob went hunting with a friend who had not gotten his deer yet. Its the last day. I am always glad when hunting season is over.

I did our Thanksgiving shopping today. Did not spend as much as I thought it might be. It will be so good to have our kids here. It does not happen very often that they are all here at once.I wish I could bake pies like Nikki can but I can't so I buy them. I will make a raspberry cobbler also. I can do that.

I was so proud and happy with Sage today. I went in the stall this morning to put her out and she just let me attach the lead rope and lead to the round pen like a lady. And when I went to put her in this evening, the same thing. The chickens were all around the barn door clucking and scratching and she just looked at them and walked through and into her stall. And I gave her the oats and some hay and she was relaxed and happy. I fed her grass hay and when Bob fed the others he gave her some alfalfa. So she was as pleased as punch when he closed the barn up for the night.

Our friend Janet had her surgery today, it went well and she is resting comfortably. Her daughter Eileen called. That is good news.


A Cold Day

A Cold Day

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snow Day

This is what we woke up to this morning. This is what I looked out and saw out the bedroom window. It was pouring down rain when I went to bed.
Out the front door. Bob was after the paper for me. The snow is gone this evening for the most part but more is supposed to come. We moved Emma around to Sages pen because she is spending nights in the barn and can go to the round pen during the day. Haugen is leaving this weekend and hopefully we can find a home for Cash very soon.
This is our beautiful daughter Jadeyn. We took her out on a "date" tonight. We were gone on her birthday so it was dinner tonight. She had no idea how beautiful she is.

Jade and her Grandpa. We took her to the Olive Garden. We had a good time and brought half of our meals home and she took half of her pizza. I had the Apricot Chicken and boy was it good. A fun evening with a precious granddaughter.
Bob put Sage in and out today. She did fine going out but was not going to be caught to go back in. Bob just ignored her and fed everyone else and then pretended to come to the house. She whinnied at him and pawed at the gate. He went back and told her she would have to let him catch her to go eat and she did. She is learning.
Having Emma close to the barn we will be around her pen more and then she will get used to us coming and going. She has terrible trust issues. Even with the halter and drag rope on she is leery of people being in the pen with her. How many months have we been working on it?" It gets exasperating.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Better Day

No pictures today. It was a rainy dreary day. Not the kind of day you go out and take pictures. However, I had a much better day with Sage even if it was cold and rainy. It feels like snow actually but so far, just rain.

When I went to get Sage to put her out for the day, she said "No you don't get your hands on me." Have you ever heard of not being able to catch a horse in a stall. Bob came and walked right in and put the rope on her. I was so upset. He led her out and around the barn and stuff and put her in her outdoor pen. I was depressed about the backwards way we seemed to be going. HOWEVER, when I went to catch her and put her in for the night, I walked right up to her, snapped on the rope and she led right into the stall like a lady. I got her the oats and she was as happy as a clam. I will have to muck the stall out tomorrow. I was so proud of her today. We will see how the morning goes tomorrow.

Had lunch with my friend Helen today. I needed to fill her in on the happenings and the Licensed Officials meeting at the convention. We always have fun when we meet for lunch.

Tonight for dinner we had homemade vegetable soup from the freezer. It was a good day for soup. I made biscuits to go with it. I think that is all that is in the freezer. Will need to make a big pot and freeze some more. It is hard to make soup for two people.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


These two pictures are taken with me just on the front steps. This one turned out really stunning I thought. When we have nice sunsets we have really really nice ones. That was my high point of the day.
The rest of the day was not so good. Sage had a snit and drug me around until Bob came and got a hold of her and took her into the round pen for a "come to Jesus meeting" and then she walked OK with him and then we put her away. She was on her hind feet most of the time with me and I just could not handle her. Maybe tomorrow. This certainly was not a good training day.

Our dear friend Janet had a car accident yesterday and all we got was asking for prayer for her posted by her daughter. We about wigged out. Finally got in touch with her daughter and then Bob called her this evening. She fractured a vertebrae in her low back. They are going to do something with it Friday to fix it. She and her husband are childhood friends. Tom passed away about 4 years ago.

So lest I go on a whine, I will wish you all blessings -

Monday, November 15, 2010


The only picture I took all weekend. A nice little buck as I was just about home. I just had my regular lens on. He was not concerned about me stopping until the flash went off.
Had a nice weekend. Almost always I enjoy the conventions of WSH. There will be quite a few changes that will happen. With the economy and such they are necessary if we wish to continue to exist. I was able to be part of the committee to test new stewards. That was interesting. When I became a steward, I did not have to take a test like that. I am glad. I might not be one if I had. The weather was nice most of the time even though we were inside most of the time. It made it easier to drive home yesterday. I was very tired though and even turned down Bob's idea of going to the Olive Garden for dinner.
This afternoon I put Sage in the barn for the night. She had a little tantrum but found the key and that was her bucket of grain. She would follow that. Will use it if I need to until she remembers that she needs to go in. Ditto will have to use another stall. It won't be long and she will be going in at night. She never gets a good winter coat. Sage has a good coat, I just want her to do these things because I ask.
This morning I went to the doctor because I have had something happening on my upper chest over the collar bone. It hurt, I thought I recognized it and I was right. I have shingles again. Had them on my back about five years ago. So, I am on an anti viral to get this under control. If you have ever had them you know they hurt. Nothing critical just irritating.
We are in the midst of a wind warning storm. I don't hear it like I sometimes do but we probably will during the night.
Glad to be home - blessings

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A good crop

Yesterday they kept predicting a little snow on the ground by this morning. This is a picture out of the window on my front porch. NO SNOW.
Last summer when our grandson Lane was visiting there some old withered up potatoes in a basket on the back porch. He asked me what I was going to do with them and I told him feed them to the chickens. Lane asked if he could plant them and I said yes "knowing" that they would never grow. Well, Grandma did not always know right because later in the summer there were some very productive looking potato plants.

Today Bob and I got around to digging them thinking there would not be much there. SURPRISE
Here is Lanes crop of potatoes. Isn't that awesome.
Sage went quite well today on our trek to the barn for her grain. She was going to be stubborn but I picked up the rope Bob used to help me yesterday. She was very funny. She looked at me, looked at that rope and came right along. Bless her heart. She is learning to really like those oats.
Cameron came and worked with Liberty today and with just a minimum of assistance he and she made progress. He has never been around horses too much but is willing to learn and does what I ask. That makes it easy to teach someone who is teachable.
Tomorrow I am off to Ellensburg until Sunday. It is always fun and a requirement for me to hold my Horse Show Stewards card.
My hat is off to all the vets who have served our country.
Bless you all.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No Picture

Sorry there is no picture today but we did accomplish quite a bit. After a battle with Sage. She was pushing my buttons today but I got her into the stall and a can of oats. Don't know what got into her. Bob was afraid she was going to hurt me but I never was. This rearing up is a little (well a lot actually) frightening. Usually though when she has a tantrum like that and I win, the next time is not a problem. We will see tomorrow. I know one thing, we need to work more on manners.

And today for real we got a halter on Emma. Have not said much about her. The last time we had one on her she got it right off. She went down to Shannon's for a couple of weeks but she had little more success than we did. We put her next door and he has an 8' tall chute. This morning she walked in the chute and Bob rubbed her and talked to her and just put it on. All this fussing with her and that was so easy. She leads well. Bob will bring her home tomorrow. We enlarged her pen a little.

Haugen and Cash are in their new pens too. Did not hear from Angela today if the guy over there wants Cash or not nor did we hear from the people who thought they wanted Haugen. All the BLM is charging is a 25.00 replacement fee.

And Cameron came out after work and worked with Liberty for a while. He wants her and she really loves him. Just need to work together. She and Sage ate the same silly sauce this morning.

I have to leave on Thursday to the Washington State Horsemen Convention in Ellensburg. I was pretty well packed so neatly and had to dig in it to look for something I thought I had packed so now I get to start all over. Bob will be home here. Then I think our traveling is over for the winter. I always enjoy the convention.

We are refinancing and they are coming to do another appraisal. I hate having them traipsing all over. Its a good thing for us to do though. Bob has to go renew his drivers license tomorrow too. He is going to go to Davenport to do it. No lines there. Its only open one day a week for a few hours. Its worth it to wait though.

So, that was my day - BLESSINGS

Monday, November 8, 2010


Not a good picture but.......it is Sage in a stall. I was taking her for a walk and just thought, Lets see if she will go into the barn, she did so I thought, how about a stall and she did. It scared her but I gave her some hay and a can of oats and she decided it wasn't such a bad place after all. I did not know if she would eat the oats or not because I have been pouring it over her grain and I didn't do that, just poured it into the grain feeder. She ate it all for the first time. I left her in the stall a couple of hours and went to get her out. She gave me some trouble getting her halter back on and then did not want to come out nor did she want to get back into her pen. I may start putting her in at night when the weather gets worse. Bob will laugh but I don't care, she and Ditto will go in at night and maybe Amelia. That will be when it gets way below freezing and snow. I was excited that Sage did something for me that she really didn't want to but I asked. Progress for us both.

Just two of our barn kitties. We have five females left is all. Four are young and Fancy the white one.

We will know tomorrow if the black horse has a home or not and have two people interested in the brown one. We got them separated today so the brown one can get some extra feed and not have to argue about it.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Home Again

The early morning sky last Friday. I am not usually awake at sunrise but when I woke up and saw this I was in awe.
It is about a 3 1/2 hour drive to Grangeville, Idaho. Bob lay down on the bed and promptly fell asleep after we got checked in. The flash woke him and we had a good laugh.

The only horse that we had anything to do with all weekend. He is modeling a week spraying device.

Our table centerpiece. A man made them a few years ago and he passed away this past summer. We used them again in memory.

This is a view outside of Craigmont, Idaho. There are a series of wooden trestles along this area but this is the highest. It was built in 1908. It looks just a might blurry and that is because it was pouring down rain. It is Lawyer Creek Canyon. Lawyer was a Nez Pierce Indian.
We had a good weekend and some very good things were accomplished. The banquet dinner was just awesome and I think we all ate too much. After dinner a band came in and played for us to listen or dance too. It was fun. Friday evening when we got down there and settled in we went with a group of friends to a Methodist Church where they were having a salmon dinner. It was so very good.
A report on the horses. I will find out more about them tomorrow but I believe the black one is going to Wenatchee and the brown one has two people that want him. The remaining two appy's the man had were rehomed yesterday. The outpouring from the people who I have told has been heart warming. You are all wonderful. Tony and his wife are being blessed.
Tomorrow is the only day this week without rain (or snow) and I must go spend some time with Sage. I kick myself all over for not being riding her by now. She stands down there and looks at the house and I feel guilty.