Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A normal Wednesday around here

Yeah. I got pictures to upload. The top picture is Rusty sneaking up on her supper on the tarp. She would really rather I did not put it there and gave me a series of dirty looks. She really sneaks up on it, it is hilarious. She gets put out when we laugh too.
The second picture is Pepper without his cast. We took it off this afternoon. He walks with no sign of a limp at all. He has another week of stall rest though. Katie is taking him to the fair to do halter and showmanship with. Jed said that would be fine. Jed is our vet. No riding for a while though and we are all sad about that. She is disappointed about that but like is life.
The bottom picture is of Abby getting ready to go to the fair tomorrow. She had never been clipped other than her bridle path with the clippers and she did marvelous. I think she would stand on her head for Katie. Her back is almost healed. Probably in a couple of weeks she can ride her again. Katie needs to learn to be more forceful when she rides or Abby will run off with her over again. She is learning though. Am proud of her. She is a senior at Mead High School.
And she is training to be a vet assistant at the skill center. After she graduates she is going to Vet Tech school. Maybe at some point to Vet school.
The other critters here at Calico Acres Farm are doing well. The baby chicks are almost old enough to go out with the other chickens. We have kittens under the tack shed that we don't know where mom is. They are a couple of months old so should be OK.