Monday, August 4, 2008

Near catastrophe - 8 to go

Holy mackerel - Guess I did not think it would come so fast.

Today could have been a real catastrophic day. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest and I thought Tyler was going to collapse he was so upset.

Tyler was moving panels with the tractor thru Sierra's little pasture. And Sierra being Sierra decided to go thru the gate with the tractor. She got out into a pasture pen with hotwire on 3 sides. Tyler being inexperienced horsey person ran to head her off and of course that made her run faster. She went through the fence, broke off 3 fence posts and pulled the wire all over the place. That scared her worse of course and she went through another fence and tore it up. That put her in with our 6 horses that are in that pen. They wanted to get acquainted and that scared her and Raven tried to chase her off with her teeth bared.

I told Tyler to stop, just stop and the horses would quit running. They did. Pepper did try to protect her and got her behind him and just kept her there. It was really amazing. Truly Bob's wonder horse. I got Sierra's halter on and she was shaking. Went over her with my hands and there is only a little ding on her forehead but nothing else seems to be wrong. I put her her stall and let her settle down. Poor Tyler was sure I was going to really be mad at him for letting her get out. No way. He worked very hard and got new posts set and the fences all back. Just what he wanted to do on a very hot day. Felt sorry for him.

Later in the day we went out and went thru the trail items. She did very well, in fact her side pass was very good. She was glad to go back to her house. Tomorrow she goes to see Dr. McKinley and get her health certificate and perhaps a Coggins.