Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ride 13

Sage warming up. I keep thinking maybe she will do something bad but so far the worst is not wanting to move out and walk.

We had the best ride yet. She walked on better and didn't think she wanted to turn left but we finally got it. We got a good half an hour of her moving without being led or pushed by Bob to move. Her head was a little high but I had just gotten on and it took a little to encourage her to move.

There we got it. I am encouraging her with my heels, I don't ride normally with them up like that. I should have had Bob pull my pant leg down though.

This evening Marilyn told me she would help me with a couple of things with her that I might have left out of her ground work. I want to do it but want some advice on a couple of areas. I want good control of her whole body #1 because I need to be and #2 she is so big I need to. Time - time - time and I am so anxious to get her on to the next step.

These next two things I stole from Facebook. I really liked them.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Sunset Picture

Last night.

Our sunsets are so beautiful.

The time of year I have allergy things going on. The first leaves that start to change and I choke up. Oh joy. GRRRRRRRRRRR

Bob was gone all day so I didn't get to ride. GRRRRRRRRRRRR to that too. He would have a hissy if I rode and he wasn't here. Tomorrow I will ride. And tomorrow is our Mustang Club Meeting. I am anxious to see my musanger friends.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stella Talks To Me

Stella and I having a friendly conversation. She was asking me where the heck is my dinner. I told her Bob was coming.

Too nasty to ride today so tried to get some order in the office. I hate to file and I worked on the pile waiting for me. Hate when I procrastinate and it gets ahead of me.

Our Katie had an emergency appendectomy last night. She went to her parents house this afternoon because Cam had to work this afternoon. He will go get her in the morning. They sure don't keep them long anymore. We will go see her when she gets home.

So that was my day. Tomorrow should be better and I will get to ride. Miss it when it is like today.


Monday, September 26, 2011

A Giant

This big boy surprised us this morning. We check the garden often and some how we have missed it. I don't think I have seen one any larger.

I made a Mexican Lasagna for supper. I found the recipe in a Western Horsemen magazine. It was sure good. I hope its as good warmed up because we just made a dent in it. It says to put sour cream and salsa on it and I like sour cream and salsa but it was so good without anything on it that I did not try it with any.

This is house day. Just put Sage in and out. She was not so good about coming in. If we miss a day bringing her in to her pen during the day she is ornery the next day. I want her brought in every day, not just when I am working her. I hope I can ride tomorrow.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Tom


I remembered the saying Red Sky in the morning, sailors take warning.
Sunset - both today.

The in between was not so nice though. Lots of wind, a dust storm and a signifigant drop in the temperature.

Today we celebrated out baby boy's birthday.

I carried this picture in my wallet, that is why its so icky looking but it is him.

Thomas Robert, my baby.

Today we finally made it back to church. I hate missing like that. Our dearest friends Greg and Lisa led worship and loved it. Pastor Monte is doing a series on the life of David. I am sorry we missed the first one but today was great.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Today's Horse Show

Today I worked all day at a horse show. It was 90 degrees and there was not much shade. I appreciated an opportunity to make a little money. I am plum tuckered out and have a very red face but it was a fun day.

This is a paint horse named Cody. He was taking a nap.

G G from the rear. She does pretty well as a Western Pleasure Horse but really prefers gaming.

G G and her owner Mary. Loved this picture.

A couple of girls showing their Mini Horses

The 3 Lead Liners. They are so cute.

My friend Sherrie and another friends daughter after Sherri and her horse had just won her class from both judges.

So obviously I did not get to ride today. Maybe tomorrow.


Friday, September 23, 2011


My Daddy in his younger years. Even though he has been gone since I was 17 I still miss him.

My sister Sharon, My Aunt Eleanor and me a few years ago. She has been gone a while. She was my fathers youngest sister and only 12 years older than me.

Lime Kiln lighthouse in the San Juan Islands. We saw lots of Orcas that day.

Tracey's daughter Katie riding Yuma

Another of Seattle's offspring. Isn't he pretty.

On the roof of our barn.

A day on Sage. Didn't get to ride today but loved on her.

An old school house west of Wilbur on Highway 2.

Teaching Pistol to sit. She is not that size any more.

Target, a mustang mare we started a few years ago.

My hand is not going to get better until a hand surgeon fixes it. Its so hard to get in to see anyone like that.

Get to work tomorrow at a horse show but its just about 5 miles from home and its just one day. It is supposed to be over 90 though.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mostly more oldies

I do so hope you are tiring of past pictures. This is our son Tom while we were building our barn. Heights don't both him, scared me.

My beautiful Mt. Rainer.

Horses coming out of the trailer at the Odessa adoption.

Tracey's horse Sandy that she did a Mustang Makeover on.

Yes, that is a bobcat. He was very sweet and purred loud. Her loved to be love on. This was in Lewiston at a Back Country Horsemen thingy.

We were the first to get off the Keystone ferry.

1957 Our engagement

One of Bob's trips in to the Bob Marshall.

My beloved Ditto

On our living room wall

Two weeks after I had my stroke.

Rose on another of Bobs trips

From the top of Mt. Spokane

The Sandpoint Draft Horse Show. Its this weekend and won't get to go.

Had a good ride on Sage today. Worked her a long time on a lounge line doing different things. Mostly in the arena. Then took her into the round pen and rode her. Used some of Andrea's suggestions and had my first real free walk ride. Next week it will be to the arena. She is flexing nicely. Katie's saddle pad is working wonderful. Will go to Will Rogers tomorrow and see what he has.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hope you don't mind.

Back to meandering through past pictures. It just hurts too bad and my hand does not work well.We were camping at Larabee Corrals and Bob is bringing the horses in.
One of Andi's orphans but I don't remember which one or when

We started out at Larabee and rode 12 miles down the hill toward the Snake River. That is where we camped.

In the Burns Wild horse Corrals.

Cowboy - a young POA that we started for some people. He went well.

Someplace at Clearwater Crossing

At a horse show last April. The footing is plain old squishy wet mud.

Another picture of Star. Sage is build much like her.

Colville adoption.

I have a question. I am having a little trouble with Sage not moving. Bob always starts me out on the lead rope and the last couple of times when he unhooks the rope she won't go forward. I wiggle and kiss and cluck and bump but she just stands there. She doesn't act like she is going to bolt, she just does not move. I don't want to take her out of the round pen until she will move forward. She goes on a lunge line but without a handle on her she has decided not to move. I am puzzled.