Sunday, February 28, 2010

A sunny Sunday

It was a foggy morning on the West Plains.
We stopped at a car lot that Katie and Cameron wanted us to stop by. He was buying a truck and we know the salesman. Hope it helped them get a better price. This sculpture is at the edge of the parking lot. I thought it was really cute. Reminds me of me as a kid. Would read anything I could get my hands on. Ketchup labels, cereal boxes whatever I could find. I had an aunt who bought me books.

Yesterday Bob got me a new rug for the living room. Just an area rug. We have hardwood floors and since we put them in I had not had a real rug. I love it. It is more green than it shows in the picture. I think its 6 x 8.

I don't know what Amelia was doing with her head. Turning to look at me I guess. She needed some private attention. We groomed, brushed, curries and got tons of hair. Shedding is a messy time of the year.

This is just some of the hair we curried out. And still could get that much more if our arms had not worn out.

And who says Rusty has the only pretty mane. When the brush and Cowboy Magic got done it was stunning. She seems to be quite proud of it.

Bob and I getting Sages pen all ready for her. Now if it will just dry out I will be happy. Rusty and Cody think we are mad at them because we moved their feeder and I moved the donkeys next door to a small pasture. They were so funny but I have no pictures. Chemmy leads the best so I put the halter on him and led him and let Yuma follow. He did just a few steps behind. It was pretty cute. Across our place, through the gate across the place next year and into that pasture. It sure made it easier. Bob got it all done and now just to wait for Sage to come. May be this is the week. Hope is the word of the day.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I think this will mostly be the end of my pictures. So many are alike. Nikki wanted to get a good picture she took several of each. Some of them are all good. I may find a few more that are not duplicates but I don't want to keep posting the same pictures over and over.
This is not Sage either, just the horses standing around looking at the people looking at them.
This stud horse was in a pen of unavailable horses that had not been processed completely. They needed to be gelded and whatever else they have to do. This guy was telling us to go away, it was his little hill.

Isn't that a pretty face. Looks like Beautiful doesn't it Linda? A very nice yearling.

This was a giggle for us. Someone got ticked off skiing. This was at Government Camp on Mt. Hood. We sure got a kick out of it when we looked up and saw the boots hanging.
Bob and I went to Davenport to the tack and horse auction. Prices were up some on horses. The lowest prices were a group of unbroken Thoroughbred horses that were thin. One 20 year old Paint stallion went for 75.00. That was the cheapest. I think 4 or 5 went over 1500.00 Including a saddle mule.
We got got some tack stuff that was inexpensive like a couple of 30' rope lunge lines that we will use as ground driving. They were 6.00 a piece. Even if the snaps break and they will we will put those thingys Andrea makes on them.
When we got home we doctored Rusty's leg. She cut it having a tantrum yesterday. Bob put a cotton rope around it and lifted it and she let him work on it. I was proud of her. We put her in the trailer and Bob put her in the front stall of the trailer facing the way she will be when we haul her anywhere and shut the divider. She didn't like it when he did it but she stood good. She still does not lead well for me but will for Bob. Bob fixed the rattle jugs so we can work on them with her tomorrow.
Maybe this is the week Sage will come. I am hoping.

Friday, February 26, 2010


I was just too tired to write last night. Worked horses all afternoon and then went to our Mustang Club meeting. We are planning Mustang Days in June. I will have a lot more details in the weeks to come. When we left there we went and got me a new printer for my computer. My only problem is that I can not get it hooked up. I am not electronically minded and stuff does not make sense to me. Maybe tomorrow.
The above picture is a 27 year old mare that coliced in the pens. The wranglers gathered her up and they gave her a shot of banamine. I think I talked about her in an earlier post. I had no idea she was that old.

Another picture of Sage eating. She kind of stayed in the middle of the group. She seemed to get along with all of them. I sure do hope that is a good sign.

All the pretty rears walking away. That is not Sage. Her tail is black. Looks like a group of mommy's to be in my eye anyway.

Unusual markings. I thought it kind of looked like and English saddle.

This is the same two from Wednesdays post. Still talking. "See that lady over there? She is still taking out picture." I think the brown/white was adopted.

On the grade down into Madras, Oregon. We had just come across the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Just outside of Bend is a farm that says Buffalo but what we saw was this pen of Yaks. Aren't they interesting looking. There also was a sign that said free rocks. Make us giggle.
I worked Rusty today. She was stubborn, threw a tantrum and cut her own leg, but ultimately did get into the trailer for me. I tied her in, shut the back door and left her for a while. The rain pinging on the top made her a little nervous but she just stood there. I had worked her in the round pen and when she heard the rocks in the plastic jug she threw an absolute bucking tantrum. She would not do that for Bob. I just wish he had more time to work with her. He only worked two days this week so maybe he will this next week. She is a good girl most of the time but is the spookiest thing. Time and patience I guess.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I told you I had over 600 pictures but I promise not to post them all. LOL. I believe this is Charm looking down at us. She is such a beauty.
This baby was born just about a week ago now. I think its a colt but don't know for sure. He kept wanting to eat and mom just kept walking off. She finally stopped and let him have his afternoon snack. There will be a lot of babies if the mares remain there very long.

A very stormy sky over the South Steens. It was very beautiful however.

One of the wranglers at the corrals. I think his name is Cody and I think the horse is
Rattler. They were bringing in a mare that was colicing out in the corral. The guys brought her in and gave her a Banamine shot. She seemed better the next day. They left her up by the barns in her own pen. She should foal pretty soon too.

This is a very pretty mare. She obviously is a lead mare and she stomped and snorted us. She really turned and faced everyone who slowed down by her domain. I don't like the look of that one front leg. Maybe it was just the way she was standing. She is a very striking mare. She will be a challenge to someone.

Can I be your friend, huh? Aren't the color patterns different. Some very unusual face markings on some of them.

This is a yearling gelding having a romp. He is a very nice boy.
'We had an inch or so of snow this AM and then it turned to rain so again there is mud when it was beginning to dry up some. Oh well, I guess it is still February. I am so ready to find buttercups blooming. It probably won't happen too soon though.
Last night I had to go to the ER because I was seeing double and kind of odd feeling. It passed though and they did two CT scans and xrays. They found nothing and sent me home about 2 AM. I am tired today but OK. I just think I got too tired. I hate not knowing why something happens though and Bob gets so scared.
So its early to bed tonight and a new day tomorrow. I will post more pictures tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thankful Tuesday

This is the horse Tracey named Charm. We really got nearly that close. It didn't seem to mind us too much. There was another mare and a stallion with her. She will be having her baby pretty soon now it looks like.

This was a bachelor that just came trotting towards us. I thought he was coming right up to us to visit. He stopped there and looked at us for a little bit and then ambled over and stood under a tree. It was snowing as you can probably see. And it was very cold with a brisk breeze blowing in our faces.

A group in the corrals. That is not Sage but would have been my second pick. The biggest difference is their tail color. Sage has a black tail that touches the ground but not so long a mane.

This is the group of horses we saw the first trip to the South Steens. The sun was setting and the glow was beautiful on the horses. There were several more of them just outside the picture.

This another view of Sage. Her head was behind the pole obviously. I just can't wait for her to get here so I can get started.
I did not go out and work Rusty today. I had too much house stuff and I was too tired. Back to her tomorrow. She did let me walk up to her in her pen when I went to let her out. I just wish she would get "that look" from her eyes. I want her to relax.
My thankful today - you would think it would be Sage - and that is a part of it but the most I am thankful for was the time I get to spend with my daughter. I can't remember when just she and I had time together. We talked, we laughed, we just were still and had fun. I got to introduce her to my friends in Burns and she got along well and liked them. It was a blessing to be sure. She is under extreme stress at home and I just wanted her to rest and relax and have fun. She said she did. I believe her. I know that I did.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Introductions Are In Order

This black and white beauty is SAGE. She is MINE. I am so excited and anxious to get her home and to get started on her. She was not part of the competitive auction but out in the pens and I got to adopt her after the bidding was over. A walk up they called it. Whatever they call it, I got her. She will be delivered within a week or as much as a month. Hopefully not that long. I left a halter and lead rope for her. She will look pretty in purple.
Nikki and I had an awesome time and I will have a lot of pictures to post. Not only did we have fun at the corrals, we made two trips out to the South Steens and saw groups of horses both times. Ones was a tiny white looking foal, lots of pintos, Tracey's love Honor, a Bachelor that came over the hill trotting and trotted right towards us and then went and stood under a tree, some we could walk up to 100 feet of, lots of deer. I will be talking more about it but I am exhausted tonight. I drove home from Marysville this morning. My very own bed is calling.
Gratefulness fills my heart today.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

P and Tuesday

This is Maximus Max, Tom and Christy's little dog. He is 8 or 9 weeks old and a little furry ball. Like baby poodles, he is hyper active and very funny. He was given to their children but he has decided that he is Christy's dog. He loves them all though. I should have sized the other picture of I took of him with him in mid air jumping and his ears flying like wings. I didn't though so just imagine it.

I may be able to post tomorrow on Nikki's computer. I am packed, the car is loaded and I am ready to be out of here. Tracey said they are leaving at 3 AM. I can guarantee that Nikki and I will not be leaving that early on Thursday. By 7. The only things I have to put in the car in the morning is my camera bag and my purse which is overflowing with stuff I want in the front seat with me while I am driving along.

It rained all day today. Bob was off work at 10 this morning so he was home and did the outside work. I don't know if he worked with Rusty or not. It is slimy and slippery out there. Days and weeks like this make me yearn for an indoor arena. Probably won't happen though unless we would win the lottery and you have to buy a ticket to do that.

I am going to close with a quote from my very favorite president - Ronald Reagan. "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We did not pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be protected and handed on for them to do the same or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free"

Blessings to you all,

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday and two sweet DIL's

One and Other
These are my two DIL's. They both are sweet and kind. Very different personalities but both are a great part of out family.

One is Christy. She and Tom live in Spokane and are the parents of Ryan, Seth and Sheya.

The Other is Debbie. She and Steve live in the Spokane Valley. She brought two of our grandchildren into their marriage. Art and Deanna are adults. Deanna has two boys who are Steve and Debbie's pride and joy.

A grey day but it did not rain. I went to the cattle auction with a neighbor. Some Bob says I should have bought but didn't buy anything. The only thing I was tempted to buy was a cute little silver dapple pony. Horses have been going for 10.00 bucks or so and I would have bought her for that. She went for 180.00 and went to a home. That was good. I am sure she was a Welsh Pony. Prices generally were up quite a bit. Good if your selling, bad if you are buying.

This was Rusty's day off. I hope she enjoyed it. Tomorrow she will get a big workout. I think we both needed to be apart today.

I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Rainy Days and the letter N

is for NICKLES
I had a hard time figuring out an N word today for some reason.
Church was awesome today. We had a special speaker - Wayne Cordeiro- who is pastor of the fastest growing church in the US in Honolulu. They have 5 services. We enjoyed him a lot. He is going to be the chancellor of Eugene Bible College.
It poured down rain all day. Despite the rain, Bob caught Rusty and put her in the horse trailer a couple of times. She did very well. While he did that out in the rain, I was going to watch the last of the Daytona NASCAR race but I went to sleep. I woke up for the winner to cross the finish line. I guess that is all that is really important. I sure needed that nap I think.
So today was a lazy Valentines Day. Bob took me to dinner last night and made me dinner this evening. Am glad he didn't want to go out. I was too sleepy.
Hope your day was all you hoped for.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

M Day - Saturday

Maggie is sweet blend of beagle and yellow lab (we think). She is devoted to Bob and loves me too. She loves our barn kitties but they don't know all she wants to do is kiss them. She did not belong on our bed, but she had to be there to see out of the window. She keeps track of everything on our place. We love her. She is about 10 and is beginning to feel her age a little I think. A few months ago she got bumped by a car out on the road and now she gets a little limpy occasionally and this week has been one of those days.
We had a wonderful day with Rusty. When she started out she had her head in the air and was all buggy eyed but we worked a little while. I took her thru the barn and around the yard and then tied her to the side of the horse trailer while Katie worked with Liberty. Later I took her to the round pen and turned her loose. Bob later went and caught her and took her to the trailer. She set her jaw and was not going to get it. He is so patient though. He tied her back to the side of the trailer while he did some things. I went and tried again with the trailer. She wanted to step up but just couldn't at that moment. Bob walked back over there and I told him at this point we need to keep at it until she steps up. She has refused enough time. It was like she understood, took a big sigh and leaped in. She just stood there and looked at me like I did it mom. I petted and praised her. Then I handed the rope to Bob because it takes my knees longer than hers to get out of the trailer. He asked her to turn around and step out and she did. Then he took her for a little walk and went back toward the trailer, she did not hesitate a minute and just stepped right up. We gave her, her favorite treat - an apple and turned her out into the pasture. We will try again tomorrow. I am glad Bob is going to be home.
I got so disgusted at Walmart today. I went after a pair of sweat pants. Just plain old sweat pants. Good grief the did not have any. They are a winter object. Tomorrow when we are in town I will go somewhere else and get a pair of sweat pants. I only have one decent pair. They are comfortable for me to ride a long distance in. Also will need to go to the used book store tomorrow and stock up again.
Have a peaceful Sunday.
I can rise and shine, just not at the same time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday is brought to you by L

is for
I don't know the Herd Management Liberty is from but I believe she was from California somewhere. She is a large mare, about 15h3". She has the kindest sweetest eyes. The man next door came over one day 7 years ago and asked me if I would help him pick out a mustang on an Internet auction. The horses were seen on a screen at the BLM office here in Spokane. I had been looking at the catalog and talked with him and we picked out 6 horses, Liberty was about 3rd on our list. He bought her, went to Palomino Valley in Nevada and picked her up. I told him specifically not to take the halter off and to leave her in the round pen until he could handle her. He did that about 6weeks, said he felt sorry for her got a hand on her, took off the halter and let her out into 10 acres. Never again to touch her. She would come for grain but not allow herself to be touched. Fast forward to 3 years ago. He moved to Wyoming and left her here. I think he knew Bob would not let her starve. We finally got a rope on her and her into a small area where we got a halter on her and "led" her to our place of Pepper. We worked at gentling her. When Tyler lived with us, he had her ready for her first ride but he was afraid to swing the leg over. She will be caught by me of Katie unless Tyler is visiting and she will walk up to him. She is now 10. Katie is going to really work on her this spring and see if we can get her rideable before summer. The only time Bill has acknowledged her is when Bob asked him for some hay money last winter and he sent $100.00. He wants to sell her but when you can not sell well broken horses, no one wants one that is not broken.
I worked Rusty some today but then it started to rain. I tie her to the side of the trailer for an hour or so. Then I opened the rear door and led her around it. She came up to it but I did not ask any more of her today. The rain was so heavy I just turned her out. Bob will work her tomorrow. At least that is what I told him.
A friend of mine has a gorgeous Arabian show horse. She rode him Saddle Seat and had won just about everything with him. Everyone loved Burrsy (nickname). He died day before yesterday. He had been under the weather for a few days but I did not realize it was terminal. My heart goes out to his human family. It was very difficult. Everyone will miss him.
Live-love-laugh and be happy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thinking Thursday and K is for Katie

is for KATIE on Abby her mustang mare from the Sheepshead Herd Management Area in Oregon. Katie loves her and Abby loves her a lot. They have many many miles ahead of them. She will do very well with horses and has accomplished alot with Abby. She is a very pretty rider and if she had money and time would accomplish alot in the show ring. She is just trail riding her and doing very well. I have been thinking alot and I think I am going to turn Liberty (who will be my L picture tomorrow) over to Katie to train if she wants to. I will tell you Liberty's story tomorrow. I will need to ask Katie is she wants to or not. Guess I am if she reads this.
Today was the day I was supposed to be thinking. I did, and that can be dangerous. LOL. I was thinking about going to Oregon next week and finding a new friend. I think I will know her when I see her. Nikki wants a horse but is not in a position right now but she said something to me to that affect. I will know her when I see her. Guess I said that huh?
I did not work with Rusty alot. She was a poop in the round pen. I put the surcingle on her and she set off bucking. She has done that before. We worked some, I left it on her and tied her to the hitch rail. Bob worked with her for a couple of our despooking. She got better. At first he stepped up on a stool and she wigged out and when she got over that he shrugged his shoulders and she wigged out. He worked on it a while and then went to clean out her and Cody's pen with the tractor. She really did not mind that. When it started to rain hard, I put her away and he parked the tractor came in and took a nap. Oh well, I did too. When he came in I was wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. I got cold outside.
My sweet cousin who along with her longtime partner RV full time and are spending the winter in Florida had bypass surgery this morning. I sent her an e mail message hoping the Phil would read it and give it to her when she was able to hear him. It would be awful to be so far away from family to have something so serious. She has children but they are not a close knit family. I wish I was where I could go see her. She is in Coral something other near Orlando. Keep her in your prayers please. Her name is Joy.
Life is short, eat dessert first. and have a good day.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Jumpin Wednesday

is for JUMPING
This is Bryant our l9 year old 6' tall grandson doing a flip on the trampoline. I took several pictures before I got the one I wanted. I think he got tired of jumping but he indulged his Grandma
Did about a 45 minute workout with Rusty. She will do all I ask on her good side but the off side is still out of bounds until I really keep at it. I didn't feel on top of it today so I only worked her once. Bob is off tomorrow so he can work with her too. She still responds to him better. She is going to get there but you will probably all be tired of hearing about her by that time.
In one week from today I leave for Nikki's then one week from tomorrow we leave for Burns and the Colorfest adoption. I am excited. I am anticipating fun.
Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life.
Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday, a thankful day and the letter I

Our American INDIAN granddaughter Nikki.
She is 16 and a sophomore in high school. She gets nearly straight A's and is active in her high school ROTC. Shes little but she is strong. She has carried the nickname of Pocahontas to her Uncle Carmen and Nickle to her mother. We love you Nikki.
One of Rusty's training times was to stand tied today. She did well, didn't seem to paw like she did yesterday. She stood there a couple of hours. She still does not like anyone just walking up to her. We have to work at that. I have a couple of plastic jugs with rocks in them. I stood a ways off and shook them. She nearly had hysterics. I just kept shaking. When she quit having her conniption, I took them and hung them over the hitch rail near her. She didn't mind them there. "Tomorrow there will be a whole lot of shaking going on.

Here is that beautiful mane. I brush it carefully every day. Have never had a horse with a mane like that. Pepper has a beautiful thick long tail, but no mane like that.

My thankful note today is what I have accomplished with Rusty in such a short amount of time. Not only does it make me feel good to see her progressing but it makes me proud of myself and gives me encouragement that I can do it with a new horse too. It gives me a I can do it feeling. I know I could but now I KNOW I can.

Have a Wednesday filled with Perfect Peace.

Monday, February 8, 2010


He is a 13 month old steer. His mother is Spot. She may show up one of these days. He will go to freezer camp in March sometime.
I already have my I picture. You will have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is. I had a light bulb moment today.
Rusty forgot how to lead today. I got very frustrated with her. I finally just put her in circles around me and got her into the round pen. We are working on walk and trot on command. Shes getting it. THEN, we went to the hitch rail and tied her up for a while. She stood really well but after a while she started pawing. I wonder how to cure that. Ditto does it too sometimes when she is tied longer than she thinks she should be. The biggest problem with Rusty tied is walking up to her. She wants to run off. She doesn't pull back just gets the rope tight. I used the blocker tie ring. Tomorrow will be a longer time at the hitch rail. I may even tie someone with her and see how that goes. Next week I want Bob to hitch up the trailer so we can work on that. After we worked in the round pen twice, we went for a walk. She lead much better then until we got back toward the round pen. She's very strong willed. We did go out and walk across the road for me to get the mail. She did good and a car came by and she didn't even flinch.
Our youngest daughter, her partner and her oldest daughter came out and had dinner with us this evening. We had a good time. Her daughter Nikki is 16 and has been diabetic since she was 6. She had her 3 month endocrinologist appointment today and had such a good report. Her high blood sugars are down 30%. That means she is really taking much better control of herself. Before she ate, she figured the carbs and whatever else she does and put it into her phone and it goes to her doctors office. She is very active and has learned to live with it.
I hope your Tuesday is happy.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday G

Galloping Horses
I really meant to get her entire body in the picture but obviously didn't make. She was tearing around. She had been in the round pen for 2 days so she really was ready to rock n roll. And she did. Poor Yuma wanted out of her way.
Rusty and Cody both tearing. Should have used the other camera but if I had come to the house for it, I would have missed it entirely. They had such a good time.
Today Rusty did everything well. I almost walked right up to her. Took maybe 20 seconds to get her caught. She even let me work on that off side. We took the surcingle off and on and off again. She just did what I asked and then Bob came in and picked up her feet. She gave them both to him easily. He picked them out and then put them down. Oh, I am so very proud of that little horse.
Today was our son Scott's birthday. He lives in Heaven now for the past 6 years. The posts on FB made me cry. I did not know if anyone would remember or not. I know he sings with the angels. He could not sing a good note on earth but loved it and I know he sings right on key now. I still miss you my son.
Happy Monday to you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


F is for
We worked at cleaning up the back yard today. Tom could not do anything with the car so he and his boys helped with the cleanup. Not done for sure but at least a good start. Usually snow has it covered until the first part of March but not this year. So we got a good start on it today and had a good FIRE.
Rusty got a triple decker today.
Three times she got worked. It was good for her. I got the surcingle on her and got it tightened up pretty good. That did not seem to bother her much. I got her to give me both or her front feet (one at a time LOL). I left the surcingle on her and came back later. She was calmer that time. When she readily gave me her front feet, Bob came in and he actually could trim her front feet. They were needy. She was in a rocky pen and she kept them trimmed down but this winter in the mud and she had long toes. They are very pretty today. I was so proud of her. Later this afternoon Bob put a rope through a loop on the surcingle attached to her halter and drove her with one rein. On her good side it worked good, no so much on the other but he quit on a good place and he will try tomorrow again. I am so proud of her. I hope to have a saddle on her by the weekend. We left her in the round pen for the night because I want her to wear that surcingle. I will take it off tomorrow.
Bob did Dittos feet today too. She is so easy to do. She just holds her old foot up for him to do. She has such soft white feet its urgent to keep up with her trimming. Bob's back will only do 2 a day. Maybe tomorrow he will get to a couple more.
Bob also has the pen ready if I get a horse in Burns. I am counting on it, dreaming about her and can even see her.
Am going to go soak my back. It says it got a work out today.
A blessed Sunday to you all.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Egges, eggs, lots of eggs.

E is for Eggs
These eggs are from our very own chickens.
A dreary day. It rained all day and that means I could not work Rusty nor could I could Pepper. Well, I guess I could have but it would not have been fun. So I stayed in the house and tried to get some things done. I didn't accomplish what I wanted but got more done that if I could have gone outside.
Have a sunny Saturday whether the weather is sunny or not.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thinking Thursday and the letter D

D is for DITTO
She is my 29 year old paint mare. I showed her halter, western, English and driving. She did not like driving and I did not like English but we won High Point Paint Horse in Washington State Horsemen a couple of times. She is my best horse friend and knows more of my secrets than anyone else. Love her best of all.
Rusty had the day off. I had lunch with a friend today and then had a meeting this evening so she got to rest. But, its back at it tomorrow. Hope their prediction of rain does not come to pass.
Today I was thinking (I know that's an effort) about all our horses and how much I love them. I don't handle them all every day but I talk to them all every day. I hate that where they are is so muddy and icky but don't want to turn them out where there will be grass. I can not imagine life without them. Rosie is going to do some driving this spring and she will love that. Its what she was born to do. She prefers that to anything else. My mother died thinking I would get over horse craziness but it has not happened.
May your Friday be filled with Love.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Brought to you by C

C is for Cow
She is ours but is living next door.
So now to Rusty. The first time this morning she was a little silly. I did finally get the surcingle on her but I kept with her and got it on. I did not fasten it though. Then this afternoon I was able to catch her without much problem. I had left her in the round pen. I worked her on the rope for a while and then I put the saddle pad on her. Then the surcingle. She stood really well and I was able to fasten it. My only problem was that saddle pad moves around. It just slid around. I won't use it tomorrow or I will get a different one. I did get it to stay on and I worked her on the rope with it on. The only problem was I went to straighten it out and it got folded out so she could see it and she did not like that thing sticking out. We will have to work on that issue. I took it off and we will work again tomorrow. We walked into the barn and she got her apple. I am so proud of her.
I hope your Thursday is fine and dandy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thankful Tuesday - A & B

My sister suggested another picture challenge. Through February starting with a. The last two days would be ch and sh. Soooooooooooooooooo
A is for horse treat APPLES.
They are not edible for humans, I don't think but the horses really love them. Katie brought them out. It is what Rusty will do most anything for.
We use them for a lot of things especially in the training of the horses. Also carry water when we are camping where there is none.
I did not sleep much last night, felt really crappy. I got up at 3 and was still up when Bob got up at 5. I took some Tylenol and went back to bed. I did go back to sleep and woke up at 10. I felt so much better but kind of like I was drug thru a hole. I have not done much today. I did have to take Bob his glasses because he forgot them.
I did not work Rusty so much today. Just was not up to it but I did catch her, brush her mane and fore top out and gave her an apple. She does not let me walk up to her without trying to leave but its getting better. I must get back at it tomorrow. I used Cowboy Magic on her mane and it is beautiful. It is so soft and lovely. CM is pretty spendy but it only took about 1/4 of a tube to do the trick. I will work on Amelia's next. She has a pretty long mane but not like Rusty.
Thankful Tuesday - I am thankful for Andrea's family good news today. They had told them that Amy's cancer has spread to the bone. Its not the cancer, the battery of tests they did show it to be arthritis. Thank you Lord. I know that is a huge load off of their shoulders.