Monday, September 17, 2012

A day in the life of................

No pictures today and nothing too exciting.  Bob just called and its cold and dreary in Jamestown, North Dakota.  They will have to work all day tomorrow to get the job close to being done.  That makes him home Thursday or Friday.  That's OK, I have things under control here at least for the time being.

Today was Katie and my Monday out.  She has a problem and the doctor is pretty sure that she will deliver early.  I hate when they tell pregnant mothers that because if they don't, then its a big disappointments.  We had our toenails done.  Loved pedicures.  It feels so good.  She can't reach hers so it was great to get some TLC.   We got her some emergency small clothes.  I got some material to make her some receiving blankets.  I will start on them later.  I could not believe that at her shower she got none.  Well, she will have 3 nice big ones anyway.

I got the chores done.  Sage is so loving.  She comes up to the fence every time I go out.  Maybe I will ride tomorrow OR maybe I will go see Vikki and work on the quilt pillow OR maybe I will read one of the books I got at the used book store today too. 

So, that was my day, and feeding kittens pretty often.  I am concerned about the little girl, she is not thriving like the other two.  I am doing the best I can.  She doesn't suck much, I just squirt it in her mouth and she swallows it.  Any ideas?

Blessings to you all................