Monday, February 2, 2009

Not a good day

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. Four of our horses are really sick and the vet does not know if Ditto and Dixie will pull thru it. Pepper seemed better this evening and Rusty is so so. At least she stayed on her feet. We have not an idea for sure what is the matter except they eat the same hay and the pasture horses eat another hay. They do not have good gut sounds, Ditto had barely any. Dixie's were not good either. They all four had blood drawn, and Ditto and Dixie got tubed, and all 4 got Banamine shots. As sick as Dixie is she had to sedate her but Ditto is so sick she just stood there and let the vet stick the tube down her nose. So $815.00 later we still don't know if the two mares will make it or not. they were fine yesterday but did not eat this morning. Dr. Porter thinks there was something toxic in that bale of hay but its gone so she could not take a sample of it.

Thanks loads for your good thoughts and prayers. I will keep you updated. Bob is taking the first stretch in the barn and I will do about 1 or so for the rest of the night.