Monday, April 13, 2009


Last fall while in Yokes grocery store, they had these pathetic little minerature rose plants for 45 cents. They were really sad little limp plants. I got one and Bob laughed at me and told me it was going to die and then I would just be throwing it out. Well, this lovely little white rose is now blooming on my kichen window sill. It has other buds on it too. It is a pretty bright spot in my kitchen.

Today was nasty and cold. Remembered I was out of laundry soap so had to go to the store. I also today made my massage appointment for Thursday afternoon. I can't wait.

The sun was shining when I put the horses out this morning so I put the fly mask on Pepper that act as sunglasses for him. He was really irritated with it though. He tried to get it off but he didn't and when I put them in this evening he still had it on. I took it off for the night. He will be upset when I put it back on in the morning. He'll get used to it though. He has for the past three years anyway.

Have a nice Tuesday.