Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sunshine and Rain

Our mustangs having their supper. I should have rode Pepper today but just had things going on that I couldn't. Pepper is not there, he is in the barn at night so we can monitor what he eats. They were quite contented.
Patrick and his Mama are doing fine. He is a lively little bugger. We need to catch him tomorrow and give him his baby shots. It could be a trick. Don't know how his Mom will take to it.
It was so pretty today. I went to Walmart and bought a new microwave this afternoon. Ours went wacky this morning and then quit. So, we have a new one. When I think of what we paid for our first one and what this one cost it is amazing. Like a lot of electronic stuff, the price has come down lots.
A rain storm is coming, Oh well, I went outside without a coat today. Wonderful wonderful.