Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Half/half

Barbara at The Serenity Gate tagged me to take the 6th. folder on my computer and then the 6th. picture. Then blog about it. This was the winter of 2007/2008. We fed the quail all that winter and that is what the picture is of. We fed them this winter too. I am supposed to tag 6 more BUT I don't have 6 people that have not been tagged already that I know. This is what I have:

Nikki at Life With Boys
Joy at Backroad Chronicles
and anyone else that wants to do it. It was kind of fun.

I about had a hissy when I woke up to snow. When I was up about midninght it was pouring and the roof in the kitchen was leaking AGAIN. Also in the laundry room. GRRRRRRRRRR. I was glad I was awake and decided to get up and wander around. It filled a frying pan in the kitchen and a good deal in the coffee can in the laundry. Now we are supposed to get 5" tonight. I am sick of it, I am tired of it, I don't like it - I know I said I wouldn't whine any more, I am not whining, I am grumping.

Enough of that.

My funny story today is not about the horses but of Spot the cow. Their feeder was empty so Bob had to put more hay out. He decided to move the feeder out into the field where it was not so muddy. We had opened the gate out there but cows being cows had not gone thru a new gate. Especially when you want them too. If you don't want them out then of course they would be out the gate quickly. Spot and Candy our cows were standing by the feeder when he brought the big bale in on the tractor. When he went on by the feeder to take the bale out before he came back and hooked onto the feeder, Spot looked at him and you could almost see her wrinkle her forehead up and say where you taking out dinner. She went Moo then louder MOO. It was funny.

Rosie got her bread tonight. Also Yuma. Abby will eat it too but she isn't as excited about it as Rosie and Yuma, especially Rosie. Candy the cow will about come thru the fence to get hers. She eats it out of my hand. I wonder if she would bite. I have never hear of being bitten by a cow.

Have a blessed tomorrow.