Friday, July 6, 2012

Part 2 of Happy Dance Day

Marilyn, the first one up. She is such a talented trainer. And a great rider. And a very valued and trusted friend.
Just after I got on. Flexing her head both ways. She does that well.

Backing her before we started forward.

Then off we went around in the round pen which we enlarged by 3 panels. If she stopped I flexed her and backed her before I asked for a forward.

It was an exciting day. For me any way. ]


I don't know why the computer would not load pictures last night. Just one. But it did work this afternoon. Guess it was being lazy.

Today I just did ground work with Sage. She did well in the round pen and walking around she did great until we came upon a sprinkler in the front yard. That took a bit of working to take her mind off of it. She is learning though. I really did miss some things in the beginning so now we are having to catch them up. Some I just missed and some I didn't know that I should do. Marilyn has never made me feel stupid though although sometimes I feel like it.

Bob left to go to Nikki's for a cousin's funeral tomorrow. I am home taking care of the critters. I don't like not having my car though. He will be home tomorrow night sometime and he will have Nikki's two youngest boys with him. We will have fun. Lane at 13 isn't so excited to come as he used to be but Isaac is. He was 8 a week ago.

Hope you are having a wonderful day. Its plenty warm here