Monday, November 19, 2012


Its Raining, Its Pouring
and pouring and pouring some more.  We have a lake and where its not water it is mud.  Mercy me.  I would rather have cold and hard ground than this mess. 

When I put Sage out today she nuzzled my pocket when I let her go in the pasture.  Yes I had treats but she had not gotten any.  Yes, I gave her one it was so sweet.  Is she spoiled - the answer is of course Yes, I guess she is.

I have read the Wagon Teamster blog since he left on his first trip.  He had a bad wreck in Mississippi two or three years ago that killed some of his horses and nearly killed him.  He has currently been on trip four and was in Arizona.  He got rear ended in another wreck the other day.  His horses, nor him were injured but his trailer and wagon are.  So he called this trip over.  The horses are on their way to southern Oregon and he will be joining them when he gets back to Colorado to get his truck and a trailer to take them to Oregon also.  He met a lady friend there and is regrouping at her place.  I feel so bad for him. 

My back is better, not well but better.  I only took some ibaprofun this evening after I got dinner. 

I wonder how many pets we can have before they over take us.  This evening our grandson Skylor called and wanted to know if I could keep his cat for him.  He lives with his dad and can't have pets.  Of course I said yes.  So now we have a huge black cat named Moon.  Its a real menagerie.  Chrissy is looking for a new place where they can have River back.  I will be glad to let her go back to them.  I like her but she misses Chrissy.