Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thunder Lightening and Rain

It was a grey wet day. I did work Sage a bit in the rain. Not fun for either of us. I put the step stool on the other side and it was going to eat her for a few minutes. I was letting her eat on the edge of the lawn for a few minutes and Bob walked up with an open umbrella. I thought she would leave in a hurry but she just snorted and looked at it and went back to eating. Who knew?

Bob put new brakes on the truck and the rest of the day was just ordinary stuff. Trying to get stuff put away and organized. I am not a real organized person in the house. I need a housekeeper and a maid and a cook and an organizer. Hows that for requests.

Life is just same ole same ole this weekend.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Sage and I

Finally, Bob was home early enough to take some pictures for me. I sat in the chair and Sage grazed on the edge of the lawn. She was so good. She got a little excited once when Emma got excited about something. Other than that she let Bob pet her and he moved chairs around and she just watched him and went back to eating.
I was telling her to just relax. She said OK and did.

I even moved the stool around and she smelled it and let me. She lets me take a hold of her mane when I step up to balance myself better. I rubbed her on both sides of her neck and up and down her back.

Then I leaned across her back and rubbed her other side and leaned some weight on her. She did not move at all. I was ready to do a happy dance. I love her more every day.

This is Liberty eating on one side of the row of trees and.................

Ditto on the other side. They are never far apart. Cameron is coming tomorrow to work with Liberty. She will make him a good horse if he sticks with it. Tyler should have been riding her but was just scared to swing his leg over. He sat sideways in the saddle and waved his arms and she just stood there. He did not know any more about horses than Cameron does.
Mostly worked in the house today. So much to accomplish before Sharon comes. I want everything nice for her. It was more humid today. Contrary to what my sister says about not trusting air they can not see, I hate air that feels like that. Hot hot hot but am not complaining.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Hot Day and Mustang Club Meeting.

It was hot enough today I did not feel like spending a whole lot of time outside with Sage. I did one turn at the stool and a time outside eating a little grass. Katie and Cam came and she let them both walk up to her and pet her. I warn people to pet not pat. She does not like to be patted. She jumps away. She was calm and quiet for them. She moved away from Cameron some. She is much more fond of female persons.

Our meeting tonight was okay. Not a large attendance but it was alright. I gave a financial report from Mustang Days. We did good. Our next meeting will be a BBQ at our house. Everyone is welcome. It will be Sage's coming out party. We will provide meat for burgers, buns and stuff to put on them. Everyone else who comes can provide salads, desserts, chips ect. If you are coming and need directions, let me know. We also planned a ride on August 14 at Marie Creek just east of Couer d'Alene. If you are coming, let me know and I will give you directions. It is an open ride for anyone who wants to come.

Steve got the inside of our front porch nearly completed. All but the floor and we have not decided what we are putting down yet.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sage - Raspberries - Baby

I was standing on my stool beside her. She does not mind too much. She was even better with me moving it around.
Her beautiful hip from up above. I rubbed her back clear past the white spot. She moved away a little but mostly, she just stood there.

The view from up above to the ground. Quite a distance. Almost as far as if I was on her back.

In the spot just out side of her pen. She was eating but watching out of the corner of her eye.

My pretty girl grazing on the lawn. She did really well until she eyed the lawn chairs. That made her jump away and jerked the rope out of my hand. She went back to her pen in about 3 jumps. I went after her and led her right back up there. She snorted at the chairs but did not jump like that. She tried once but I gave her a good tug and she stopped and came right back up to me. She ate a little more and then I started back to her pen. I would not let her rush. Just a few steps at a time. She is getting better. We need to get past the spooky lukey stage. She wants to trust me really bad but sometimes she just can't do it.

This is about a pint of raspberries. They are so good. I wish I had some ice cream to put them on. I will finish picking them tomorrow.

AND this is the newest member of the family. She is mostly Jack Russell. Bob rarely asks for anything for himself. He fell in love and really wants her. She will be with her mother for about two more weeks. Bob is not so original when he names something so it will probably be something like Spot or Lady. LOL. I think we do not need another little dog but I have Skeeter and he wants a little friend too. He promised me that when we lose Maggie he won't get another big dog. She is a great dog but he wants one he can take with him places in the car.

That was my day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Redo and Horses

Part of my paint crew. Bob and Jade supervising.

Chrissy, the other part of the paint crew. They are doing such a good job and I love it.

Last week I had a hole in my floor, this week it is in my laundry room in the ceiling. He should sheet rock it though tomorrow.

This is where the hole in the floor was. Just has to be mudded and painted. Its coming.

Steve getting ready to make a second hole in the ceiling. This one in the kitchen. Both places are where there was a leak. Made a big mess.

Wrangler when I went out to put them in off the grass this morning. He came right away. He is a reall good boy.

I haven't posted any pictures of Rusty in a while. She was not going to go in for me until I yelled at her. She is such a pretty girl. I wish someone had her with the patience to get her going good.

I wish I had pictures of Sage this morning. I took her out of any kind of pen to eat grass. She was nervous at first but then did fine and lead back in like she had been doing it forever. Three cheers for my sweet girl. She gets better all the time.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More Airplanes, No Horses

The airshow is over and it was wonderful.
Too hot to do much outside except take a few pictures. My kitchen is nearly completed. I can say hurrah.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

More Airplanes

It is hard to get the camera to focus. They move so fast.
There were six planes in all. F6 - can't remember his name but he graduated from high school here in Spokane. They just are so awesome.

I called the little plane the bumble bee. The two planes flew around like that for several minutes and then another older plane but in between in size joined them. It was pretty cool.

This plane carried the paratroopers but we could not see them from here. I have seen them come tumbling out before though.

Our "granddaughter" Katie and her fiance Cameron. They came to watch the planes from here. They got off work at 1:30 so just made it.

This is Ike our oreo steer. I love how he looks. Did not see the quail when I took the picture.

Raven contemplating on whether she was going to go to shade or stand there for her nap. She is such a good girl.

Emma watching the dog play. She is the best trained untouched horse. She does whatever I tell her with body language but she won't let us touch her.

Sage. She has shade and was enjoying it.

They were hanging out in the yard today. Probably because we had sprinklers going. Poor little birds get so hot. Love the quail. We call them suicide birds because they run instead of flying and I hate hitting them with the car.
Hope your weekend is blessed.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Weeds and airlplanes

The Thunderbirds practice right overhead. I love watching them. The air show is tomorrow and Sunday. We have family and friends coming to watch from out back yard. You can't see the on the ground stuff but anything in the air we can.

Loved to watch these planes. You might get tired of hearing about them before the weekend is over.

Besides watching airplanes today I got all of the garden area weeded and the weeds fed to the chickens. They thought they were in chickie heaven. Also got most of the raspberries weeded too. It was not so hot today but sunny so I could do it and not melt away.

I worked with Sage a while but had a headache and didn't work too long. She did awesome so I didn't worry about it. I have the rattlely containers tied to her gate and she doesn't like to go past them but she did better today. I had a two step stool that I use for a mounting block and I thought her eyes would bug out when she looked at it the first time but it did not move so she got mostly used to it. I got her up by it and then I got up on it. She snorted a little but did not leave. I was above her and she let me rub her head and her neck. I tried to pick up the stool and move it but that made her jump away. We worked on that a while and will get back to it in the AM. It is going to be really hot this weekend will need to work with her early.

Sunday is going to be around 100 degrees. Summer is upon us with a vengeance. I am not complaining though. We have a cool house for respite.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wind and Dust

Have you ever seen a chicken egg that size. It is the size of a robin's egg. I could hardly believe it when I was gathering the eggs.
Still in the midst of our house renovation. The hole in the floor is repaired, just the wall to finish. The next major thing is the spot in the ceiling where it leaked. Then they can finish the painting. I was going to work on it this evening but Bob does not like me to paint. He is a perfectionist about painting but he does not like to do it. LOL. I hung the curtains on 2 of the windows in our bedroom. I am washing the blinds before I hang the curtains.
I got new curtains for the living room too but won't hang them until all the mess is done in the kitchen. Don't want them to get dirty in the first week up.
I did not work with horses today because the wind was blowing so hard and dust. An old fashioned dust storm. Roads were closed out by Moses Lake and Soap Lake in Central Washington. I think that it all blew through here. Sage has been doing pretty well. She doesn't like the rattely jugs. I touched her shoulder with one of them and she levitated 3' straight up in the air. I went oh my goodness. I would not want her to do that with me on her back. Still working on the spooks. Emma is about as stubborn a horse as I have seen. Bob was going to get a rope on her this evening but when you can't keep your eyes open because of the dust that did not happen.
Maybe tomorrow. There is an air show at Fairchild AFB this weekend and the Thunderbirds got here today and come zooming low right over us. I don't know how the horses will respond to the noise. I was going to have a yard sale but I don't have help so its all going to Salvation Army. Just don't have the oomph to do it all along. Bob has to work and traffic won't be coming this way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Just a day

Trying to calm Sage down after she had a hissy fit about something that moved somewhere outside the round pen. I am holding my glove, that is why the fingers are sticking up that way. She was mad at me for working with the other horse first. She is very possessive of me but still wants me to think she is stand offish. She loves having her face rubbed.
Emma still has not been touched. She goes around the round pen, changes directions, stops, gives me both eyes but won't let me get close enough to touch her. I worked over an hour this morning and the sweat was running off both of us. She is quite calm but keep your hands off. Just have to keep at it. Need a halter on her, but all in due time I guess.
Worked in the house most of the time I was not out with the horses. Getting stuff ready for a yard sale. Want to clear out this stuff. So much stuff.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Still - Summer

Summer Stills - a family gathering. Grandkids and great grandkids.
Great granddaughter Lilianna. She hates to have her picture taken.

Nikki and Nathaniel. Look at her knee. It has been a month since she fell and it still is not healed. She was so glad to see two of her grandchildren.

We picked the first of our raspberries. Oh are they good. I should have a bowl full tomorrow to put on my cereal. Nothing better than fresh raspberries.

Nikki and I sent some time with Sage. If Nikki did not live in town she would be wonderful with horses and she loves the mustangs. I will never forget when we saw the South Steens horses in the wild the first time. I thought she might jump out of a moving car to get a picture. Sage was very responsive to her. Loved it.

I love that picture. Nikki helped me pick Sage out in February and I believe she thinks she has a little ownership in her. If Nikki did not live in town, she would have a mustang for sure.
It was good to see her and have her little boys around. She brought Lane's best friend Alfredo with her. They seemed to have fun around the farm.
I am very tired this evening. Did not sleep well last night and need to crawl in earlier tonight. Love to you all

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Please tell me why we needed another tractor? Bob explained it to me but I still do not understand why.
Lane has been practicing driving it.

Bob is out trying to figure out where he can unload it. I guess we must have needed it, he said so anyway.
I did nothing with horses today. My back really has hurt today. I could hardly get anything done even in the house. Made such progress with Sage yesterday, I was going to try but if she had pulled on the rope at all, I would have been done for so didn't.
I am going to go lay back down with ice on my back, must be better tomorrow OR ELSE.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good progress

The sweet soft eye of my much loved Sage.
Sunday Stills word was shadow. I am only half a week behind but I saw this, this afternoon when I was working with her. One of the other ones that was not so good looked like I was sitting on her. I can guarantee that I was not.

I did rub her clear down her back and earlier today I brushed her tail. She did not think too much of it but let me. From the one side it was not a big deal but the other side was a little more difficult but we did it. I need to remember to take a better brush out there. There is a big knot in it. I have some spray on stuff but I would imagine that spraying is not something that she would appreciate.

I did get her so I could rub clear down her leg. I did lift up her foot but it was hard on my back so I used the rope mostly to pick it up. That works but I want to be able to do it with my hand. Party of the problem was me bending over so I really spent quite a time just bending over and letting her smell me when I was bent over.

I found her "sweet spot" on her withers and she made the funniest faces. That is when she bit me a some weeks ago. She did not offer to this time. I watched her though.
Today I started with bleach bottles with rocks in them. I rattled them. She took off like a shot. We worked about 20 minutes and she finally just stood there and looked at them. I held one of them out to her without rattling it and she smelled it. Good job Sage. I put them in the middle of the round pen and later we walked around them all different ways but I did not rattle them. Tomorrow is another day.