Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Our sunset tonight was breathtaking.  It was red as if the entire sky was on fire.  We have awesome sunsets here but this has to have been my favorite.

Today I finished my shopping.  I got my eyebrows done, baked 2 loaves of zucchini bread and took a good long nap.  My feet hurt, not the one from my crash landing, well it hurt but not because of that and the other hurt too.  They are getting old.  The rest of me is fine.

We have the funniest Christmas tree.  I had it decorated nicely and ornaments started disappearing.  I blamed Tazzy but found them, and continued to find them under the rug on my side of the bed.  And then I caught River dismantling the tree and then trying to pull it.  I got after her but she kept doing it until nothing is left on the bottom half.  She did chew some but mostly just took them off and hit them.  Then,     it occurred to me we had moved her bed to put the tree there and she does not like it where I put it.  I don't think she has gotten into it twice.  I have to laugh but I don't like my funny tree.  If I put them back on, she takes them off.  So, everything is on the top half and she is still pouting.  And they say stupid animals?

Tomorrow, I am going to try really hard to get a ride in.  Poor Sage must feel like I have deserted her.  

If there are typos in my blogs, I mostly know when I am done but my silly computer won't let me fix them so I try really hard to do it right the first time.