Thursday, April 11, 2013

 My girls families.  Plus one girlfriend, her little girl and a friend.  I think Nikki said there were 20 for dinner.  They had fun.
Our young stock plus one pregnant cow.  The one with horns behind the white one had a heifer calf the next day.  She will take any extra calves to raise and we brought Ed down to be brother to Dandy and they are doing fine.  The white one is Topper and the red one is Lola,, Frosty is behind Lola and the black one in front is Shannans and I don't know her name and I can't tell which black one is in the back.  Besides Ed, all of our calves this year are heifers and except Eclipse are white with brown on their ears.Other than Eclipse have the same father.

Our weather has been nasty so I have not been able to get out and work Sage.  She did fine when Marilyn rode her week before last.  We are going on a trail ride down at Escure on the 26th.  I want to be able to ride her. 

Had to take a break and tend to Justin.  A real blowout and it took a while to get him all cleaned up  and his clothes all changed.  He now sleeping on the couch.  His bed got stripped down to the mattress and that's the only sheet I had.  He started to crawl today.  He thinks he really is quite brilliant.  Well he is, he won't be 6 months for another week.