Sunday, May 8, 2011

I am back among the living

I have been really sick with a souper douper sinus infection. I did not get up for 3 days. Today I felt like taking a shower and getting dressed. Bob asked me if I fell well enough to go out for a while and we went for a ride around our area on the back roads. These are a lot of pictures. I was so happy to be out in the fresh air and moving around.
This is the metropolis of Canby. I did not know we had one of those in Washington.

This is in Blueleaf. Didn't know we had one of those either.

Not too thriving I would say.

I just loved this picture.

This old mule had lots of food in his pasture. We think he is just old. He looked old anyway.

This donkey was pretty good sized. He was an intact Jack running with a pasture with several mares. You know I have a soft place for donks.

This is the Columbia River. They have drawn the river way down so when the snow melt hits there it won't flood. Last year there was a slide across the river that caused some damage.

She was waiting to cross the road.

And we had dinner at the Red Rooster Cafe in Reardan. It has been closed for a while. It was good food and we had a good day.

Missed you all

Happy Mothers day to all the moms, aunts, grandmas and anyone who has held, comforted or loved a child,