Thursday, September 13, 2012

Equines and Kittens

There are a lot of pictures today. Our equine family -

Yuma. He thought I had treats but instead all I had was a camera.

Peanut Butter

He is a 2 year old half mustang gelding. Really just halter and to lead broke. He is friendly and will make someone a good horse. We would be happy to give him to a good home.


AKA "Fat Boy." He is our wonderful horse. Anyone can ride him anywhere. Unfortunately he has Glaucoma and is about half blind. He will live his life out here. He is a Kiger mustang from Riddle Mt. HMA.


AKA Coyote Ice Cream. I think he is 6. He needs a good home. It is a long story why we have him but was given to us because she could not pay his board here. He is from Coyote Lakes. He is liver colored with a lighter tale. He is not broke to ride but has had a saddle on.


I think she is from Beatty's Butte HMA. She is not broke to do anything but lead. Bob keeps saying he is going to get to her. We will see.


From Ravendale, CA. She is an awesome riding horse and packing horse too. We love her.


He is old but acts like he thinks he's 2. He loves us.


Bob's good boy. They make a good pair. Both are stubborn.


My faithful good friend. She is 30.


She is 2 and a pony. I don't think she will be over 12 hands. She leads good but has been too young to do anything with. She is for sale too. $50.00 would take her home.


She is a wonder horse. At not quite 13 hands anyone can ride her. She also will carry a pack where ever you want her to. She tethers out, hobbles,and is a champion driving pony. She likes that best of all. She and I fly around when there is snow and I have her hitched to my sleigh.


Her real name is Coco I guess but we didn't know that so we named her Emma. She is a Kiger. She does not belong to us and won't be touched. If we sent her home, he would just put her down so she stays here and gets fed.


Of course. My much loved partner.

When she gets put back from her little pasture she goes right to the same spot and rolls every day.

Oh it feels so good.

They had not had their faces washed yet. Some days they get baths. The black one is the largest.

The spotted one is about half the size of the others. I think she is the only girl.

We brought our cows home from their summer pasture. Those babies have gotten so large. I could not believe how big Topper is. I will take pictures of them another day.

That was about all. Oh yes, I cut up peppers for the dehydrator. Some of them are pretty hot and I accidentally touched my eye. Oh man o man OOOOOOOOO. It hurt so bad. I thought my eye was going to burn up. Not funny. Don't do that friends.