Monday, April 9, 2012

Not Sages Best Day

My first blooming flower of the season. It is the only one blooming at this point. Isn't it pretty.
Sage on left, Abby on right, Raspberry in the middle and Katie behind handing out treats.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.

Peanut needed to see what I was doing.

I rode Sage about an hour and a half but it was not our best day. We have always started out by Bob leading her around and then taking the rope off, walks beside us for a few and then leaves the arena. Today I got on and was just going to ride her. Katie was over with Abby and we were going to ride around together. WELL, Sage would not go forward. I had my bumper spurs on and she ran backwards when I tried them. Took them off but she would not go foreword. I used my popper on her shoulder and could have beaten her but she was not going to go foreword. I could get circles one way but that was all. Bob came out and waved the rope at her and she would go a little way. Finally he put a rope on her and Katie ponied us around for about 15 minutes, the took the rope off and she went fine after that. She followed Abby all over and up beside her. We rode a long time. I was happy with the end result but the beginning was not so good.

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