Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I could not get the other picture to load.   This is Ft. Spokane, established in 1840.  It is maintained beautifully.  We didn't stop to walk around, just to take this picture.  It sits on the east side of the Spokane River overlooking the river.

I worked with Sage today and too bad no one was here.  She was so laid back I think I could have ridden her anywhere.  Keep doing things to take the spooks out of her and so far that is working.  I sat the bucket of nails on her back and rattled it.  Did that from both sides.  I put a couple of poles on the ground and put the end of one on the bottom rail of the panel.  She just hopped over it fine.  She never stumbled over the other one either.  I get so proud of her every time she does something different happily.