Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Thanksgiving
May your barns be filled with good horses
You homes blessed with peace job and abundance from the Lord above
May our Lord bless you with His good gifts throughout the year.
Cooked the sweet potatoes to candy in the morning and made sure the sacks of stuff were out of the turkey and washed it and got it ready to stuff in the morning. I just remembered I don't have celery. Quandary - do I go to the store now or pretend and don't use it. Oh well, I will have to think on that one. I made the other batch of cranberry/orange dressing and got that in the frig. I got the mess cleaned up in the dining room mostly. Before I go to bed will sweep the floor again to make sure I did not miss a glob of something and put the table cloth on. I put all the Christmas stuff away and I will throttle a grandchild (or child) that goes snooping.
That was the sum and total of my day. Katie came out but she is still peeved at me. She will need to get over it. I don't think she rode though. And she did help Bob with the chores. For that I was glad. He and Tyler built fence today. They are moving things around so the horses are out of the mud. I don't think he did much with Rusty today. Tyler did work with Liberty today though. She would like him to believe that she has forgotten all she knew. I don't believe her.
The grand kids will want to ride tomorrow so I hope its a nice day. Sheya in particular.
I would like to tell you the little intro was mine but it came today from the Mustang Heritage Foundation. All who read this, have a wonderful day with families and friends. What would we do without either of them.

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