Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tired body and tired feet.

I am so proud of Sage. She is getting it. I mean GETTING IT. She doesn't lead but follows me on a loose lead back and forth and a little foreword. No one to take pictures. I am petting her pretty easily on the side she did not want me on and that is really big progress. I can walk right up to her rub on her shoulder and neck and snap on the lead rope. All in the round pen. Like I said I am SO proud of her progress this week.

After Bob got home we went over to Busy Bee and walked a trail course for the challenge. Its long up and down hills but we did it. My body is rebelling though and I will go to bed soon. We will ride it on Friday morning. We may have to revamp some of it. It may be a little bit of a challenge for some. We will see. Wanted a water crossing but none could be found.

Tomorrow is Angela's day to do a compliance check on Amelia. That irritates me because they told her from Burns it wasn't necessary but she is going to. That will be OK though. I don't mind. Just not a good week.