Friday, December 11, 2009


On the ELEVENTH day of Christmas I have ELEVEN pairs of shoes (and may more). I guess I probably have a shoe fetish. LOL I love shoes, all kinds of shoes and all colors.
Today it was around 25 degrees. I got to ride Pepper. First we had to move some cows and Pepper does a good job at that. After the cattle were safely in their new digs, Bob asked me to move Rusty around the round pen a little and see if I could get close to her. I couldn't. He got a rope over her back and she stopped like she had a halter on her. He got it looped around her neck and led her all over and put her away.
It was a good thing to ride Pepper and get him moving. Last night the fat escape artist got out of his stall and got into the grain barrel. I have no idea how much he ate but he hasn't acted sick all day. The vet told me to give him some banamine and keep him moving. So I rode him. Bob said he acted OK this evening. I am supposed to watch his feet. They said founder was next to colic eating that much. I have talked to the vet a couple of times today. Naughty boy. We put a chain on his stall gate tonight so he can't get it open.
It was a beautiful day. 25 made it feel pretty good out there after it being down around zero. Have a great Saturday.