Friday, October 5, 2012

Indian Summer

This is what I hung on my dining room windows instead of curtains.  Bob got them out of a junk pile - there are four of them so both end windows have them.  I am going to get chain and that will lower them a little.  I think they are lovely.  Bob doesn't but he told me to do it anyway and I did.

Cool nights and nice warm days make a wonderful Indian Summer.  We could sure use a little rain though.

Thanks for all you encouraging words when I was so down in the dumps.  The girls left for Everett today.  It was difficult for all of us but its a good move for them, and I know that.  Just won't have them close.

Have a cute picture I will post tomorrow.  Katie rode Rosie today bareback.  Cute, and we both giggled.

I had other pictures I was going to post but Blogger would not let me.  Doggone it anyway.

Tomorrow I am going to a quilt auction at a Mennonite Church down between Ritzville and Moses Lake.  Won't buy but will be fun looking.  I am meeting Nikki and her good friend Rita there.