Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ride 13

Sage warming up. I keep thinking maybe she will do something bad but so far the worst is not wanting to move out and walk.

We had the best ride yet. She walked on better and didn't think she wanted to turn left but we finally got it. We got a good half an hour of her moving without being led or pushed by Bob to move. Her head was a little high but I had just gotten on and it took a little to encourage her to move.

There we got it. I am encouraging her with my heels, I don't ride normally with them up like that. I should have had Bob pull my pant leg down though.

This evening Marilyn told me she would help me with a couple of things with her that I might have left out of her ground work. I want to do it but want some advice on a couple of areas. I want good control of her whole body #1 because I need to be and #2 she is so big I need to. Time - time - time and I am so anxious to get her on to the next step.

These next two things I stole from Facebook. I really liked them.