Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some smiling Santas

Well they aren't all smiling but they should be. As you would guess, I collect Santa's. I always look forward to getting them out and setting them on the window sills in the living room.

I already wrote this once but it would not post and when I found it it would only print the part about the Santa's. Sooooooooooooooooo I am trying to remember all I said 45 minutes ago. That might be hard........LOL

On Barbara's blog The Serenity Room she listed a blog called Life in a Cordwood Cabin. It is a sweet blog and she is having a give away. All you have to do is comment and so I did. It is a sweet giveaway. I don't win, well I can't say that because I did win on Andrea's Mustang Saga. That was a surprise. I might have a giveaway in January when everyone has the after Christmas blahs. It will take me that long to figure out what to give away.

Also was sent another blog by my cousin Joy. It is It is interesting. His name is Bob (there are lots of them) and he is driving a 4 up hitch of Percheron's across the country. He doesn't know where he is going or when he will get there. I did not have time to go over it all but it sure does look like fun. I would want to be in south Florida this time of the year though.

Rusty came right up to me and ate out of my hand this morning when I did chores. She was glad to see me. I did not try to touch her but that will come. Tyler did the chores this evening so I did not have to go out. It is so good to have her acting like I am not going to eat her for lunch.

Linda, I would love to come over and meet Beautiful and to look at your pony. She sounds like she really needs to have quality time spent with her. Why would I mind the mud and muck. That is what we have here too. It was very fun to meet you and no I had never been to Chaps before but am sure I will again. They serve lunch don't they? Have a friend I meet for lunch occasionally and we always end up going to the Casino to eat but I think I will suggest that sweet looking place next time.

I finished my sewing today. Now tomorrow I wrap and get my sister and her family box on its way to Mississippi. That is where they all will be. Its a big box but not heavy. Then I can get the house ready for our Mustang Horse Club party on Sat. evening. I hope the weather doesn't scare people away. Don't want anyone hurt though. Then next week I can mess it all up again with baking and filling baskets and so on.

When I talked to Bob today I told he I thought he should come home. I don't want them snowed in up in the mountains. He is in the Clockum mountains. I don't care if he gets an elk anyway. He told me he didn't think he would go that far again but we will see..........I just am worried about the roads and if it really gets that cold, it will be difficult to keep water clear even with heaters and it will be a hard thing to do. He is driving a four wheel drive truck but he is pulling a 28' trailer.

Gonzaga won big again tonight. I love GU basketball but had mixed feelings because my roots are at WSU.

Now if this posts we will all be happy.


  1. Maybe we could try for early next week? That would be great. The weather's going to be doing a big turnaround on us here in the next couple of days! I'm kind of looking forward to the snow--sick of the mud.

  2. I love your santas~they are so cute!!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and entering my giveaway.

  3. Linda just tell me the day. I know, I would like it covered over too except when the snow melts, surprise, the mud is still there.

  4. Rosemary - thank you for coming to my blog and visiting. Your blog is so nice and I love the apron. Do alot of shopping at the Thrift stores. Thanks for letting me enter your give away.

  5. :):) Yes, the mud is still there--the sad part. But last year we had so much snow, we didn't see mud until Spring--yahoo!

    What are you doing Monday morning?

  6. Monday morning Bob has an appointment and will have my car. Any other day.