Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nine Days and Great grandbabies

On the Ninth Day of Christmas I show you nine of the 70 blocks for my quilt.  I have them all done and will start putting them together later this week. 

I had a picture here of Jaxson but it disappeared.  I will have to put it here tomorrow.  He is darling and soooooooooo tiny.  We had his sisters all afternoon.  It was a good day.

Nothing much else today.  Snow off and on all day.  As the song says "its beginning to look a lot like Christmas".


8th Day

Eight pairs of shes for the eighth day of Christmas.  You might recognize that I like pink? LOL

I am just a little late for yesterday was the eighth.  But its still early and had a good excuse.  For one thing we had our Back Country Horsemen Christmas party in Couer D'Alene and while we were there, we got a call that Tabby and Robby had  Jaxson Lee, 5 pounds 15 oz and l8" long.  We will see him today.  That is 8 great grandchildren. 

I will be back later