Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of Pictures - Colville Adoption

Photo Challenge for May 8th. - Pet
Maggie, our much loved old dog. She has never been one to play with toys but the past few days she has taken to walking around with one of Skeeters toys and playing keep away. I don't know what the little animal was but his stuffing is all gone.
The rest of these are pictures from the adoption in Colville today. We had such a good time. Did a demo in the round pen. Didn't know we were going to do that but it was OK. Pepper did his usual slow walk around looking at the people.
A pretty little yearling roan filly. She was adopted.

A two year old buckskin/dun gelding. He was the one used in the gentling demo. He was also adopted.

A very nice yearling gelding that was adopted and Bob delivered.

The Gentling clinician - Gerry Cox. He did a super job. He and his wife own the facility. He placed third at the Mustang Makeover in Albany in March. The horse that he competed on was there - Festus.

In the round pen

Getting the horses attention

A back view

Did not take him long to get to this point

Tom from the BLM in Burns eating his lunch "out behind the barn". I told him I was going to blackmail him with it.

The palomino Gelding ready to go to his new home.

The Pinto gelding. He was also adopted.
So that was our day. I am beat. Bob did not sleep much last night so neither did I.
Happy Mothers Day tomorrow for all you mothers by blood and mothers by heart.