Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Trick or Treaters, Can I Eat The Candy

This is the last of the Photo Challenge. The word was COSTUME. Our church had a costume party this morning and this little boy caught my eye. I don't know his name and I did not recognize his parents but we go to a large church so that would not be too unusual. I thought he was so cute and fit what I was looking for. We don't get trick or treaters out here in the country but I am always prepared so now Bob and I are eating the candy.
A while back I bought this exercise ball at a yard sale for a dollar. I never intended to use it to exercise but for this purpose. Sage thought it was going to eat her for a while but then she got used to it. I will do more the next day it does not rain. Maybe tomorrow.

She smelled it several times. She certainly is a snorter. That mustang snort that I know so well. I went over her with the white sack and she just let me touch her all over. It was so nasty and muddy out I didn't want to do much more.

More old pictures. My mother and my grandmother. I don't know the occasion but they are so pretty standing there.
We went to church and then just kind of laid around most of the day. We saw a herd of seven mule deer both on the way and home too. I did not have my longer lens on so the pictures are not terrific and I did not post them but them were magnificent to watch. One big buck.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Sheya

Happy 9th. birthday sweet Granddaughter. We were late getting to her party because the neighbors cows got out but we still enjoyed our time with Sheya and the others who were there.
Our photo challenge today was STATUE. We have lots of them around Spokane and bless Bob's little ole heart, he drove around until I found just the right one to take a picture of. This one is on the north edge of Riverfront Park by the Monroe St. bridge. It is so pretty down there this time of the year.

I turned around toward the bridge and took this. It is so pretty.

Over toward the river. I wish we would have had some time to walk around the park but it was after 4 and it was going to get dark before too long.

I don't know how I was. Eight or nine maybe. I was known as the girl with the long blond braids.
Poor Sage. It was a nice enough day to go mess with her but we went into town to Sheya's party. She looked at me and whinnied when we got home and I got out of the car. Maybe she just wanted dinner but I want to think she was saying hello.
I still am struggling with my books read in 2010. Nikki told me something but I don't know how to do it. I tried adding it back and putting the list back on but that didn't work too good either. I think I had 73 on the list but it is floating around in cyber space.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The word for the Photo Challenge today was ROPE. I was holding Sage so Bob could lift her feet. This was taken a few weeks ago.
Another old picture. I just noticed by shoes were not buckled. Nothing much has changed I guess. I still like hats too.

It poured down rain most of the day. Bob worked at cutting up his deer and I worked at balancing the check book. My least favorite job on the face of the earth. I talked to Sage from the back porch but that is as far as I got.

Today is our daughter in law's birthday. Debbie has no computer at home but I will see her tomorrow. This is the week every year. Sunday is granddaughter Sheya's birthday. I think there are five this week.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Sharon and I. Love her hair do. I guess we always wore dresses in that day. I know our mother or grandmother made them.
The picture for today was CORNER. This is the corner of our new front porch. Someday we may get it all done. This picture was earlier in October. It was grey and rainy today.

Today is our sweet granddaughters birthday. She is 19. She lives down in Pullman and works as a Nanny. I miss her. She is the daughter of our son that died almost 8 years ago. Happy Birthday Coreen Louise. We love you.

Our Mustang Club meeting was tonight but no one came. Now to decided what to do. There were some viable reasons this time but its embarrassing to eat in a banquet room by yourself. Oh well. We survived.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Still Cloudy

AKA The Tasmanian Devil Dog
Our Photo Challenge word today was PET. She is one of three dogs and a kitty in the house and who knows how many in the barn. It varies.
I did work with Sage today. She had a couple of snits but we overcame them. She does not think she wants to go into the round pen any more. I guess that is work to her. Maybe I will start doing things outside of the round pen. However, she needs to lead where I want her to. She is good about the other places I take her but not into the round pen. We worked with the plastic bag again today. She was not as accepting as the other day but we worked on it and when she let me rub her face with it we went on to the surcingle. She allowed that without a blink. I tied her to the hitch rain with the blocker tie ring and she stood fine until I went to brush her forelock and then she threw herself back. The rope did not pull through like it was supposed to for some reason. In the end she came back and stood and I brushed her all over including the forelock. I did not try to brush her tail. That is another day.
If you noticed my book list disappeared and I am trying to remember what was on it. I tried to edit one post and whoosh, it all went away. If anyone wants to help me with the list, I would appreciate it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No rain, just grey

Today the Photo Challenge picture was BEAUTY. I looked and looked for something that struck a note exemplifying BEAUTY. The only thing I found was this picture of my mother so that is what I took a picture of - her picture. I miss her so much.
I didn't have any other pictures for today so I went to my old pictures. Hope you enjoy them.
This is a picture of my sister on my first mustang Blaze. He was caught somewhere in Montana. Long before the BLM took over. About 1950 I think. I traded my bike and 10.00 for him and he was supposed to be broke. Hahahahahaha. He was small probably not 14 hands and wirery. He did a great single foot and could go a long way. We learned together .

My sister and I when we were probably 2 and 5. Maybe 1 1/2 and 4. I don't know why we were dressed up.

My Daddy and I when I was 2 or 3.

Bob and his first horse Lady. She was trained to lower her head and Bob crawled on then she raised it up and he slid down her neck and into the saddle.

Bob on his black and white pinto Cloudy. She and Bob were very best friends.
I did not work with Sage today. I should have but I just hate these grey days and I didn't go out except to go down and rub her face and neck. Maybe tomorrow.

Grey and Dismal

Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain and wind

Yes, I still have horses and I still am loving Sage but with 30- plus mph winds and pouring down rains for 90% of the day, They are just hiding out in their shelters. And I am hiding out in the house.
The picture is out Nikki's kitchen window. Rocky comes almost every morning for his peanuts. Also the Stellar Jays come but my pictures of them were not so good. They love their peanuts.
The sunset out my living room window. It was amazing after the day we had. I put the angel on the window at Christmas about 5 years ago and its still there. It was supposed to wash off but it hasn't and that is OK. That will be my window picture for yesterday for the photo challenge.

Bob and I went to the stock auction today for a couple of hours for entertainment. Pathetic isn't it that's what we do for entertainment. Then came home, I took a nap and Bob did something or other in the barn. That was about the extent of our day. That is kind of pathetic too.


Sunday, October 24, 2010


The barn that was. This is my photo challenge picture for yesterday. The word was BARN.
I got home late this afternoon from Nikki's. Bob came home last night after our son in law Carmen's birthday party. He wanted to go hunting today. He did and got a 3 point buck. I am not thrilled, but he is.
We had such a good time. I took Raselle, and her daughters Arawyn and Cambria. Arawyn is Carmen's granddaughter. Cambria thinks she is too I think. We had such a good time. I have taken Arawyn over a couple of times but never Raselle or Cambria. Raselle has 3 boys too but they stayed with someone. Just did not have room for all of them. Carmen turned 60. Nikki wanted to do something special for him and it was.
This morning Nikki was trying to get a little more sleep and 3 kids and 2 dogs crawled in with her.

Cousins - Lilianna and Arawyn. Arawyn is about a year and a week older than Lilianna. They are a pair let me tell you.

Tyler and his girlfriend Stephanie. I really like her and kind of hope she's the one. I don't know how Nikki feels about her but I like her.

Grandson Lane on the r. and his best friend Ben. They are quite a pair too.

Carmen and "the boys". in the back L to R - Joel Bryant, Carmen, Dustin and Tyler and in front Isaac and Lane. Lots of testosterone in that group. Joel is the only one married.

Bob and I and his brother Lynn and wife Jackie. Jackie looks so much better than she did in August when we saw her last.

This is my photo challenge picture for Friday. The word was EMOTION. This little girl was praying along with her Papa Great while he was blessing the food and the day. I don't know how much emotion in her but it made this Grandma Great have some.
I am really tired. It was rainy and windy driving and a four year old got very bored with the trip. It was a great weekend though and I am not sorry we went.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off to Nikkis

Sweet Sage got to eat some grass today after we finished working. I rubbed her all over with the sack wadded up and then with it flopping. The sack is a feed sack. Not a grocery story plastic bag. She let me rub her head and face with it too. I was so proud of her. Then we worked on giving her shoulder. Also putting my hand on her poll and her dropping her head. She will put it nearly to the ground. I am so proud of her. Will work with a tarp next week. And continue with picking up her feet. She needs her front feet trimmed but she won't let Bob pick up her foot, just me. She will get it though.
This weekend is our son in law, Carmen's 60th. birthday and Nikki has planned a big party. We are going to be there. Bob left this afternoon for his brothers first and then in the AM I will leave. First I need to pick up Arawyn, her mom and her sister Cambria. It is supposed to start raining so I am not too sad about leaving.
If I don't get a turn on Nikki's computer, I will be back Sunday.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My picture for the photo challenge for today. The title was "Leaf" . It was off of our maple tree in our front yard. The tree was given to us by our next door neighbors when we lived in Spokane - Rene' and Delmar Garrod.
My surprise was this morning. I woke up early for a change, put some laundry in and put on my robe and was going out to get the paper. I went out the front door and what met me in the yard - two horses. Our escape artists - Cody and Rusty. I got a can of grain and they followed me into the round pen. Bob found where they got out, fixed it and I put them out of the round pen so I could use it.
The sunset last night. We have had such beautiful sunsets recently.

Rubbing Sage with the plastic bag. She did good. I could rub her all over on both sides. We will work on it some more tomorrow.

I am so proud of her. She wanted to take a bite at it but didn't. I gave her some oats tonight on top of her hay. Maybe I can get her to eat some grain.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Day

It was a beautiful Indian Summer day hitting about 60. It felt good. Bob went hunting with his friend Don. No deer. Bob is going Thursday AM again. At least I don't think he is going tomorrow.

Sage and I had a good workout today. She wanted to really be freaked out by the white flag but settled down at least a little. The flag came off of the stick and I picked it up. She she was not spooky too much. She let me rub in on her face. Not relaxed but she let me do it. Then I took her to eat. She got a little pushy about it so tomorrow no grazing. As large as she is she could push me around but she doesn't. She would like to but doesn't. I keep saying it but I do love that horse. Maybe one of these days Bob will be around when I am working her and we can get a picture.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Lunch and other things.

Kind of an ugly picture. Our well broke again. Not the well but the line into it. This is the fourth time. Always in the nearly same place. The last time our son the plumber fixed it. Well he fixed it again. The picture is my picture of the day - DARK. The wet dirt certainly was dark and Bob's mood having to dig it up again was dark too. Double meaning for the word.
Had lunch with a friend today. That is always nice. She was down in the dumps because she had to have her kitty put down this morning. I would have probably cancelled lunch.
Sage and I had quite a day. I realized that I have been so anxious to get on and ride her I have bypassed some ground things that are really important so we are back tracking a little and doing the ground things. Today we worked with a flag on a stick. She about wigged out at first but not too long and I was laying it on her. That is not what spooked her the most. Just having it wiggle around on the ground is what made her spook. She levitates remember when she gets scared. Finally when she stopped and looked at it and reached out and smelled it we went for another little walk around the place and she ate some grass. Tomorrow we will go back to the white sack.
Have spaghetti sauce brewing. I will get it in the freezer tomorrow.
Our weekend got messed up. Bob needs to leave Thursday to go to a doctor appointement on Friday with his brother. I will leave Friday with Raselle and Arawyn. Arawyn is Carmen and Nikki's grandaughter and Raselle is her mother. Saturday is Carmen's 60th. birthday party. (Remember Katie you are house sitting) We will all be home Sunday. Have the rest of the week to get stuff organized and ready to leave. I will be glad when the tomatoes are all taken care of.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Blessings - you can bet I will make 1000

446, New back porch

447. My grandmother Foremans pink depresseion glasses. I have an entire service.

448. Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (a movie)

449. A week away

450 Steens Mountains

451. Kiger Gorge

452. Golden Aspen Trees

453. Antelopes - lots of them

454. Big Horn sheep

455. Our kids remembering our anniversary.

456 Leaves that crunch when you walk thru them.

457. nearing the end of all the election broohaha

458 53 years with Bob

459 home made bread

460 Raspberry jam

461Cool crisp nignts with bright sunny days

462Visiting with Andi

463 A visit with Wendy at the corrals

464 A car that regularly get over 35 mpg

465We live in a country we can really vote

466Foaming hand sanitizer

467 Lunch with friends.

468 Blogs I find that give me courage and some times with laughs

469 A walk with Sagew

470 Being at the stop of Steens moutain 10,004 on Bob's GPS

471 Clean Rest Areas

472 Taking flowers to Tom's grave.

Indian Summer

My picture for yesterday - Framed - Mt. Rainer framed in my windshield as I was driving to Ellensburbg. Yes, I took it while I was driving.
A couple of pictures left from our trip. Then that is all. Yesterday I drove to Ellensburg to a Washington State Horsemen meeting, left there at 3:30 and got home at 6 and at 6:15 I left with Bob to a Back Country Horsemen meeting. Today I did not get up until 10. I was very tuckered out. I got the tomato sauce in the freezer and started a batch of spaghetti sauce. I baked some cookies, mowed the lawn and worked with Sage. I will tell you about that on down here. No pictures though.
This is a set of Rommel Reins. They cost $95.00 and I want to sell them for 50.00. They have never been used. Let me know if you are interested. I am going to put them on Craigslist tomorrow.

A wagon at OxBow wagon shop in Canyon City, Oregon. I don't know what kind of a wagon it was. I have bought harness from this man.

A bluff out in southern Oregon. On the way to Paisley as I recall. I think that the terrain is so beautiful and unusual there.
After I finished mowing the front and back lawn with a mower that needs power steering, I hope its the last time this year, I got Sage out. She accepts the halter so easily. I am so proud of her. I took her over to the lawn to eat a bit and then we went for a walk. I brushed her and curried her while she was eating. She is really getting her winter coat and where she is black, it is shiny black. I looked at her and laughed. My oh my she is going to be big. She is quite butt high. A growth spurt. If you don't know, horses do not grow both ends at the same time. The rear end grows and then the front end catches up with it. I can not see over her hips. I took her for a walk after she had eaten grass for a bit. We went over by where Bob was unloading some hay and he had to move the truck. She was not scared at all. We walked on by there and over by the goat. Oliver came over and they touched noses and then we just walked on. Even the chickens squawking didn't spook her today. Then just around the barn and back to her pen. I was so proud of her. She tolerated Bob rubbing on her but comes back to me. I have said it before but oh do I love that horse.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What A Day

Another day - probably the last day - of trip pictures.
Another one of the Big Horn sheep. They did not seem to mind us taking their pictures. Not much place to get the car off of the road though.

A fire watch tower. I dared Andi to climb to the top with me. She would not, and I was very glad. I was just teasing her. I didn't want to either. I had to tease her a little bit. Well a lot actually.

Andi's grandpas cabin. It now has owl nests in it and it stinks. It is made of concrete. The roof is giving out some.

An old truck at Frenchglenn.

A cabin between Christmas Valley and Paisley, Oregon.

Bob and Andi working in her tack room. She was putting stuff back in.
Bob got home this evening with the cattle he bought. They were all tired. That is a long haul with critters. I have always worried about horses when we haul that far. The cow/calves are in an isolation pen until tomorrow. Then they can go out. Bob saw a lot of deer and a big bobcat. I am glad the weather was good for him to make that drive again.
I had an eye exam today because I have noticed a change in my vision. Its back to glasses. The doctor thought that whack on the head a while back that I poo pood jarred the implant in my eye cockeyed. I don't mind wearing glasses but it surprised me when he asked if I had had a blow on the head. It is a wonder it did not knock me out I guess. Probably had a concussion.
Have to drive to Ellensburg tomorrow for a meeting. I am not looking foreward to it but oh well, I can do it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good Report

More trip pictures. Crossing from WA into Oregon on 395.
I went to the cardiologist today and he gave me a thumbs up. He kept me on most of the meds that Dr. Alexander gave me at the hospital except one. Because I am coughing and one of the side effects of one of them is a cough, he changed that. I hope it works. Of course he wants me to lose weight but I knew that was coming. I go back in 6 months. My cold is gone except this cough. For that I am grateful.
I am wondering if this little boy was the one born the day we got to Burns in February. I will have to sort through my pictures and see.

I disturbed her nap. Sorry.

Resting in the midday sunshine.

This is a very sweet little store. I didn't think it was open any more but it was.

A waterhole by a little old cabin where Andi's Grandpa used to catch the mustangs each year for the wranglers remudas. Lots of horse sign all over but no horses.

Up on the mountain somewhere. The Steens are so beautiful. Not like the mountains here. We had such a good day and the weather was exquisite but when we got down and on our way back to Burns it was pouring down rain.

Down into Kiger Gorge. Andi about had a coronary with me standing so close. I offered to sit on the edge and dangle my feet over so she could take my picture but she said she would throw up if I did it so I didn't. She and heights have a thing I guess and not a good thing. It was so pretty though.

If you look at this Tracey this picture is for you. Snow in the Steens. I think it was left over from last winter but we are just around 10,000 feet so I am not surprised. I know the elevation gave me a headache.

All that remains of the original ranch house of Pete French at the P Ranch. There is a newer house where he was murdered that still stands. We did not walk back to the barns. Nor did we go to the round barn he built. We have been there 5/6 times through the years. I read a book Andi loaned me about Pete French and it makes him out a pretty good guy and then I read the Ochoco series of books and they made him out not so good. Who is right? I don't know but he was an interesting guy in that part of Oregon's history.
Bob is back in Burns picking up a load of cattle that he bought while we were down there. We did not take the trailer so we wouldn't be tempted to get another horse and what does he do. Buy cow calf pairs. He took Andi to dinner this evening and ran into Tom who is the head guy at the corrals and that we missed when we were there last Thursday. They had a good visit too.
I was just contemplating putting some Celtic music on the cd player and crawling into bed with a good book BUT before I do that I have 3 dogs wanting to go out and I have to go out with Pistol. Heaven knows what she would do out there by herself. So that's what is on my currant agenda and then the music and book.