Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 My two beautiful girls.  Nikki and the left and Christyn on the right.  I was nice to see them both together.  One lives in Everett and the other in Marysville so they see each other often.
We were at this lovely ladies 80th birthday party.  She is Bob and my sister in law Jackie.  She has been wheelchair bound for some time and I know it is discouraging for her.  However she is blessed to still be going - several instances where we thought she would not recover.  We love you Jackie and were happy to be able to be at your party.
I thought this mountain peak up on Snoqualemie  Pass coming home yesterday.  It was beautiful.  Loved it.

We got home fine and all the critters were OK.  Shannan and Katie had taken good care of them all.  I hope to get out and work with Sage today but its very cold.  I am going to do a little walk anyway.  I need someone to walk with but don't know who.

WE had a nice weekend but my bed was very welcome last night.
I really don't like quick trips but sometimes it can't be helped.