Wednesday, September 12, 2012

This and That

Skeeter (the dirty poodle) and Pistol the evening we got home from our camping trip. They were so glad to see us.
Our son Steve's hunting cabin. He had been home a couple of days and we took him back up this afternoon.

This morning when we got up where the sprinkler had been on last night there was ice.

The little stream near their camping place.

We had a good time driving up into the Colville National Forest today. It was a very chilly morning but this afternoon was lovely. We only saw one deer. That was OK. It was all beautiful.

Lorie, I got your note today. The package will be in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for the invitation. I don't know yet. Will have to wait and see what October brings. It is hunting season and that may take precedent.

My baby kitties are doing well. I will try to get pictures tomorrow.