Saturday, July 26, 2008

15 to go

A good day. Spent the day with out son Tom and his family. Those kids are country kids at heart that live in town. Particularly Sheya who is 6. I was cleaning stalls and that little muffin stayed right with me using a stall fork talking a mile a minute why it was important to keep the horses "house" clean. She rides like a little wild cowboy. I gave her a silver dollar for her help.

I worked Sierra with the gang waving flags and making loud noise. She got a little worried at first but then went up and tried to take the flags from them She did back the cloverleaf as near perfect as we have yet. She did the square OK and I was not up to trotting. I put her out to eat and then later I led her around the obstacles, up on the box and worked at side passing. She was much better. Then Sheya led her up to the deck where everyone else was sitting and held her while she ate.

Tyler went and got Pepper and led her around because I did not want her riding bareback with a halter out and about. Hers 2 brothers rode. Ryan has gone into the Bob Marshall for a week with his grandpa last summer so he is a pretty good rider. Hes 11. Seth is a little timid but he just got over a broken collar bone so his courage is waning. He is 9. I did not get any pictures. Bad Grandma.