Monday, November 30, 2009


I forgot to add a Saturday Smile so this is it a couple of days late. Bob came in and crawled into bed while I was working on the computer and I turned around and he had company. Maggie had never gotten on the bed before and she was on my pillow. We cracked up and I could not resist taking a picture of Bob and his bed partners. Skeeter always sleeps with us but not Maggie. She wanted to stay really bad.
This is how Olivers horn still looks. It is gross looking and I know it bothers him because he shakes his head often. Poor goat.

Amelia turned and looked after I turned her out this morning. Just before she took off like a shot. Not snow on the ground, just frost. The three I let out each morning always have a little run and buck when I turn them out.
One of my favorite judges from Washington State Horsemen passed away night before last of lung cancer. Harlan was a neat person and I enjoyed working with him. He was a heavy smoker and I told him the last time I saw him he better quit. He just laughed at me. We will all miss him.
Started getting Christmas decorations out today. I hope that Christyn comes out to help me decorate. She is so good at it. We are thinking of going to Nikki's at Christmas for a couple of days.
My old friend Ditto stopping at the salt block before she did her little crowhop and trotted off. That is her pink tongue. She gets salt on her food in the evening but guess it wasn't enough today.
My sister told me about making a jello with whole cranberry sauce. I used raspberry jello and a can of the whole cranberry sauce. She puts nuts in hers but I don't care for nuts in things so I didn't. Oh yummy. You all probably know about it but I hadn't. I really like it.
Life gets busy this time of the year. Hope you all are taking it with a deep breath.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


This was Bob's idea of taking me to lunch today after church. We had some things to do in Spokane and this was my treat. It was OK, just a chuckle.

No much happening today. Got my candles for the advent wreath, took a blouse back that looked awful. Came home and took a nap. How is that for a Sunday. Tomorrow I must finish my Christmas cards and get at the things I am making. Hope your Sunday was as pleasant.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


A really lazy day for me. Put the barn horses out this morning. My itty bitty barn kitties had not made an appearance since the day before Thanksgiving. I was afraid a predator of some kind had got them but they were there this evening. I think with the herd of kids climbing around in the barn made them hide. Fancy had not made an appearance either. I was relieved. Things happen to barn cats but these are so cute and Fancy and Fluffy are so pretty. So all my kittys are fine.

Today I washed my living room windows and windowsills getting ready to decorate for Christmas. I need to get stuff out of the back closet. Maybe Bob will help me. He is not big on decorating. I usually get Chrissy to do it for me. She is good at that. Her place is all decorated all the time for something. I forgot to buy candles today so will go to the dollar store when we are in town tomorrow and get some. Also to the used book store. I bought a new book today and that is almost unheard of. Either Goodwill, a thrift store of some sort or the used book store. I need to keep track of the books I read in 2010.

Got my Christmas shopping started this morning. I am making some things and that will help. I have a few things already that I have gotten thru the year but have a few to buy. My cards are ready just about to go out too.

Can I pat myself on the back?

Friday, November 27, 2009

Lazy Friday

Today was a day to just lay around. Bob had to work and he took my car. I slept off and on all day and just enjoyed the quiet. No TV, just me and a book. Warmed up a few leftovers and did the dishes and thats my day. Oh, I changed the tablecloth on the dining room table and put my advent wreath out on it. Now to find candles for it.

Did do the chores this evening. As I was petting and loving on the barn horses, Amelia needs a diet. She got her grain and hay cut way back. In July she was so thin and sad but now she is fat and happy as a lark. She just trots over to the barn from the pasture and goes into her stall just like Ditto and Pepper do. Ever since the goat butted her when she knocked me down she goes by the goat really fast. No more getting in his way. Poor goat is still recovering from losing his horn.

Where the horn came off still looks icky. It oozes blood every once in a while if he happens to bump it on his house or something. I think we may have left it covered too long. Never had a wreck like that before. I still shudder at what he looked like.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

No one pardoned this bird and he tasted very good. The stuffing was good too. As was the rest of the meal. I don't want to weigh myself. I have never seen so many olives disappear so fast. 4 cans and they were gone. GONE. There were 6 kids. And those cousins have fun playing together. Nikki is 15 and she went out and then romped and played hide and go seek in the barn, in the hay bales and all over the place. Am so thankful the weather was nice. I was glad to see she didn't think she was above it all. Sometimes she is.

The horses all got carrots today for their special Thanksgiving treat. They are a loving group. This morning I was out walking around talking to them all and Cody had his head thru his fence eating out of the wheel barrow that held the donkeys lunch. So he had an extra treat today. He is getting to be more happy here.

Hope that your day was as blessed as ours.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Wishing you all a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving. We all have much to be thankful for even if things aren't just what we like. I am most thankful for the love of family both near and far away, for friends, for our church family, for our Horsey connections, and for every good and perfect gift from the Father in Heaven.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This was the beautiful sight for us tonight. I wasn't quite that dark and I didn't think about lightening it up until this minute. I am so thankful that God loves us enough to paint the skies to please us. They are farther to the south this time of the year but still so visible for us. I am thankful for sunsets. Sometimes I feel like they are just to cheer me up when I have had a down day.
When I went to put the barn horses out this morning all three of them greeted me with the sweetest whinnies. I told them good morning and they each got a kiss. It is amazing how different their whinnies are. I can tell who is who without seeing. Love those ponies.

Monday, November 23, 2009


This is our Raven. She was given to us by a lady who said she bucked but she doesn't buck. She is a little shy of things on the trail if she thinks she can get away with it. Bob has primarily been the one to ride her but anyone can. She is boss mare in the pasture and the other horses respect her. She is truly a great horse. She was adopted from the Ravendale HMA in northern California. We love her and if you go into the pasture with a halter in your hand she will try to get her head in in whether its her you want or not. The picture was taken last week before the snow fell.

Was walking to the barn this morning to put Pepper, Ditto and Amelia out and the squeak of my boots in the snow made me smile. Love that sound. No new snow but what we had is still here.

I went to the auction to look if they had any ponies or donkey's going thru but they didn't so I came home. Cattle was down and I was glad Bob wasn't there. We don't need any more over the winter. They sold a bunch of 2 day old dairy calves. I hate that. They don't survive the auction usually.

A good day, the sun shone and I am almost all ready for Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Snowy Sunday

Bob getting us ready to leave for church. This first real snow was pretty but it can quit now. Last winter we got, I think, 97". We didn't go much in our little car. The lower elevations got snow but by the time church was out it had pretty much turned to rain. Not here but that was OK.

I am having a sentimental day. On this day in 1963 President Kennedy was assassinated. Nikki was 5 months old.

6 years ago on Thanksgiving Day was the last time our whole family was together before Scott died the following February. Do you ever get over losing a child?

Next week would have been my special sister in law's birthday. She died about 25 years ago at 55 years old. I have missed her alot.

I remember Thanksgivings when I was a kid and the whole family came, we dressed up and it was a wonderful day. Now its hard to get everyone together. Even as a young family the Williams family ALL got together. Loved it.

Enough thinking back. I don't know why that is filling my thoughts today.

Saturday Smiles

The itty bitty barn kitties. Six in all.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday 11-20-09

Can hardly believe November is almost over. My goodness gracious. I have hardly started my Christmas shopping. I am making some things.

Today our son Steve came out with the deer he got the other day. A nice 4point. He cut it up today. Its a nice rack and I know he is proud of it. When Bob got a big one, I remember how excited he was. I took some pictures but I know some are offended by dead animal pictures so I won't post them.

I have been working on our Christmas letter today. Its not real long and I am including a bunch of pictures. Can't find a picture of Joel though. I need to put in another flash drive and see if I can find a small one.

Not much else going on around here. Bob trimmed Cody's feet today for Bonnie. He stood very well. She said he would be I am not sure he believed her. Tomorrow Wrangler is in line and I will be the one holding him. I must clean stalls too. I thought Katie was coming today but she stayed up half the night watching the vampire movie and had a math test early. She probably is recovering. None the less, the stalls are in dire need of cleaning.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thinking Thursday - my reminiscing

Having raised five children - Steve, Scott, Nikki, Christyn, and Tom - been an office manager and a lot of stress in my life plus approaching an age that I felt was life as I knew it was over - 50 - Wasn't that silly. I had a breakdown of sorts. Could not make a decision even to live for the life of me. Bob asked what he could do to help me get my bearings back. Guess what. It was a horse. Tikki was a red roan appaloosa. She was just what I needed. We rode many miles up hills and down. On a ride along a trail, I found barrels set up in a little field. I started out to trot then barrels. At least I started at a trot when she took off like a rocket. She knew the pattern. I got it, she had been a barrel horse.

I had a dream about having a horse to show and because Tikki had been a gaming horse and did not want to go slow around the arena, just fast around the barrels, I sold her to a young woman who needed a friend. Then.....along came Ditto whose registered name is Cuttin Loose. She was the most beautiful paint horse. I did start to show. She and I accomplished wonderful things. She was high point paint horse in Washington State Horsemen several times. She is still out in our pasture and is 28 years old. The is grey around her muzzle but still full of energy unless she thinks you are going to ride her and then she drags around. Funny girl.

There were several horses I had after I retired Ditto. Mel - Mellow Gold - who was a palomino appy with a blanket, Sunny - can't remember her registered name - who was a red dun quarter horse., Dun in Glory -Glory- who was a minimal white paint. They all came and went because they could not meet Ditto's standard. Rosie - Wild Rose- came for our grandkids. I drove her in a cart. She is an awesome 13 hand pony. Bob has used her to pack in the back country, pull logs around, she totes around grandkids and just loves to be loved on. She is a bay and white pinto with half her face white and half dark. "She will also live out her life here. I think she is about 19.

The how we came to have primarily mustangs and Peppers story will be for another day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2 Great thing I forgot to mention

#1 thing is the greatest ever. Tom got called back to work starting tomorrow morning. We are so happy for him. Christy has been working part time at a Day Care too. Isn't that wonderful.

#2 thing is that Christyn's biological mother was found OK. She was at a friends home in Wenatchee. Without going into the ins and outs of that family, it was a good thing that she was found OK because it could just have easily been something else. Its a terribly disfunctional family. Christyn thanks us on a regular basis for taking her away. The week she turned 18 her bio sister called her. Thats another untold story here.l

OK, Now me and my body are going to curl up under the covers with a good book. See you tomorrow.

Windy Wednesday

This is The pictures are loaded backwards. I went ahead of him and pulled off on a side road and waited for him to get there. He was in our newspaper The Spokesman Review a couple of weeks ago and has been ambling thru our part of the county. I caught up with him just west of Reardan. He did not stop and talk to me but that was OK. It was fun to watch him go. I hope he got to Davenport before dark. These are Suffolk drafts. No too many around. The one being led just plodded along. The horses are barefoot and have pulled that wagon from Montana to Massachusettes and back. His destination at the moment is SanFrancisco. I hope he can get over the passes without snow. Not Washington passes. They are getting hit. My camera ran out of battery. I may take a run to Davenport in the morning to take more pictures. It was fun.
Went to pick up my prescriptions today. This four all come due at once. One is on its own cycle. I about passed out when she told me what it would cost. I am in what they call the doughnut hole and Medicare does not pay until January l. I wanted to have hysterics but just cried. The poor pharmacist. Not his fault. Its not like I take them because I want to. Grrrrrrrr. He gave me a phone number and I will call it before I try to get December pills again. I don't want another stroke but thought I might drive myself to one today. Then I got a hold of myself and went to see the horses and wagon.
My story will continue tomorrow...........................................

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Its Tuesday

It sounds like I am doing a yahoo for my kids. Guess I am but they deserve it. Today we had ANOTHER leak outside the pump. Tom had plans for the day but instead he came out and dug open the spot. It was a nasty day and I know it was hard for him but he did it and today I am thankful for a son who would come and help us. Tom, we love you.

When I did the chores this evening and fed the barn kitties. They have grown to 6. Well out of the hay came four little ones. I had no idea they were in there. They did not stay long and I don't know where mama is. She is not one of the 6 we have been feeding. Not a mouse or a rodent in the barn. I wish I could find a home for Fancy. She is so friendly and cute I know at least she would make a good pet.

There was a peculiar sky this evening. I was doing chores and the rain felt like ice chips hitting my cheeks. The SE sky, the S sky and the SW sky were the most awesome pink for about 5 minutes. I am used to beautiful sunsets off to the west here but this was different. Very odd.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Its Monday

I get tired of saying I don't feel good today so I won't. I just want to crawl in a hole.

Blessings go today to our youngest daughter Christyn who called me and asked me what was the matter. I told her some reason whatever and in an hour she was here and went thru my house - well the kitchen, dining and living rooms for me. All I could do was cry. I complain to those close to me about her but not today. She is an adopted child and in contact with her biological family even if she doesn't like them much. Today she got a call from Lucy, her bio sister that their mother has been gone two weeks and no one has heard from her. Please pray that she is found. Tomorrow a missing persons will be filed. Christyn is worried because she is diabetic and does not care too much for herself.

So, today I am thankful for my daughter Christyn and her thoughfulness.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Our place since Friday evening. I guess I can't deny winter being upon us any longer.

I have been at a Washington State Horsemen convention since Friday morning. It was in the Spokane Valley so did not have to travel although it is easier to stay in the hotel. You can rest in between meetings ect. However, I survived as usual. Washington State Horsemen in the largest multi use horse organization in the United States. We have four main divisions and multiple lesser groups, we have a person in Olympia. It is a family organization. Something for the entire family. Lots of fun for everyone.

Then as soon as the convention our zone had their awards banquet. I was very tired but now its all done for another year. I have some responsibilities in the zone, horse show division. Bob who does not like horse shows at all went with me today and that was so nice. Most of us will be going our own ways from now until the first of the year. I do miss my horse show friends. I am thinking about trying a little gaming next year. Can you see fat Pepper ambling around barrels. Makes me laugh. They assure me no one would laugh but I would.

Today I am thankful for a year of success with WSH and for all the people who give their all for our horses and however we choose to use them.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thinking Thursday

Today I was thinking:

Once upon a long time ago we lived in small town in western Washington state. There was a mama and a daddy, a grandma, a little sister and me. Life was fun,.

I wanted a horse so bad. I begged for a horse. We had a sweet Jersey cow named Daisy. She tolerated me messing around with her. One day I put an old saddle we had - digressing a moment, I wonder what happened to it and the bridle that went with it - and I tried to bridle her. That did not work. I did get on and ride her however. I think I was 76 or 8. When my daddy caught me riding his milk cow, I remember him telling my mama, "We have got to get that girl a horse to ride so she will leave my milk cow alone."

So, I got the horse of my dreams - or of my young dreams of that time. She was a white mare that I thought was huge but in retrospect, probably no so big. My folks made me mostly ride bareback because they could not always help me saddle her up. I rode all over the country side on her. When she got tired of going, she went home4. I don't remember when or why she was sold but once again I was horseless.

Fast foreword now until I was 12 We had moved out into the country. I loved it out there. One of the first things I remember my parents doing was agreeing to , was me trading my bicycle and $10.00 for a "well broke" 2 year old mustang from Montana. He was bay with a big blaze about 13 hands tall. My parents knew nothing more than I did about horses. A well broke 2 hear old, holy cow. He had been ridden and he was recently gelded. Blaze and I learned together. He was my best friend, confident, and escape from reality. Bob and I had our first "dates" riding our horses over 2/3 of Pierce County. Blaze saw me through my fathers illness and death when I was a senior45 in high school. I taught6 him to do many tricks. Some better than others. I loved him a lot. When I went away to college, I had to sell my as my mama, grandma and sister were moving into town. I sobbed for hours when he left.

To be Continued............................................

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Hello, I am so glad you are back out here. I get lonesome all alone.
A long day for some reason. It seems to get dark so early and then I feel like I want to go to bed. I don't go to bed so early in the summer. It may drive me nuts.
I am thankful today for the men and women who serve out country. I am especially thankful for my own sailor. I can't find a picture of him in uniform. I know they are here on this computer somewhere. I sent the originals to Nikki. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. My brother in law served in the Airforce, our grandson Dustin served in the Air Force, my Uncle Lyle served in the Army and Uncle George in the Army and I thank each of you. God bless you every day and especially today. I love each of you.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

At the moment I am thankful I don't have a baseball bat to thump this computer with. It is doing weird things this evening. I am tired or rebooting. HOWEVER, that is not really what I am thankful for today. I challenged those who read this to post a thanks every day until Thanksgiving. I promise I did not read Andrea's before I had my thankful thoughts. I am thankful that at 71 I can still ride my horses, muck out their stalls, give riding lessons, walk a mile or more and other stuff. I know people who are younger who are hobbling around (not you Sharon) huffing and puffing and complaining. I want to stand tall and and take advantage of all life has to offer.

I spent half an hour tonight trying to corral Wrangler. He would not let Amelia out of the gate and when I picked up a stick to wave at him so he would let her go, he darted out in front of her. Then we played ring around the barn. Amelia went submissively into her stall. He finally said, oh well, you can catch me now. I put a hay string around his neck and led him back to his pasture and told him he was bad. Its like he shrugged his shoulders and trotted off. Bless his black buckskin heart. He is a stinker.

Life is good.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This is why I was home bound today when I had an errand to run in Couer d'Alene. When Bob got home he used the compressor, pumped it up and made a dash for Les Schwab. There was a long nail in it. Where from? Who knows. Anyway I now have 4 brandnew tires so am all set. So, tomorrow I can run my errand and do the other things I wanted to do.

A pretty dismal day out. It started out sunny but got more grey by the hour. I layed around and read.

I went out to much stalls and do the chores. Ditto and Amelia went in right away and began chumping on their grain. But then there is the "wonder horse" Pepper. He decided to play tag with me. He found a bucket of apples and took a couple of bites. I popped him on the rear and told him to get in there and he whirled around and ran around the barn. I put the bucket away so he wouldn't have an excuse to stop but about 5 trips around the barn giving me "that" look. I was losing my patience. I mean LOSING my patience. Finally he just ambled around in the barn and into his stall. I wanted to pick up a club and hit him between the ears but of course I didn't, He just looked at me with those big eyes and I just sighed and told him he better not do that again.

How about posting every day between now and Thanksgiving something you are truely thankful for. Today I am thankful for being born in America.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A rainy Sunday

No pictures, what can you take a picture of when it rains all day. Nada ............... So maybe tomorrow.

Bob is home from hunting. I think its over. He will be sad, I am glad. I like elk meat OK but I don't like being home day after day alone. Oh well, hes done this all while we have been married so guess I should be used to it. He came home with a cold and he best keep it. I have had enough.

Before I forget and I have been for most of the week. Our Nikki's mammogram proved the lump to be nothing. I can't remember what the doctor said it was. We all shed a large sigh of relieve. No something you want a 15 year old to go through. I know that it was not probable at her age to have it be cancer but stranger things have happened.

Hope the rain lets up tomorrow so I can put the barn horses out. They are getting tired of being in and I need to muck out stalls. If it were just rain I would not mind but its cold and rainy. Those old mares should not have to tolerate that.

Have a good Monday.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Chemmy and Yuma wanting their breakfast. Love those donkeys.Bob is still gone. He will be home tomorrow. If he isn't snowed in. Wouldn't that be funny. :(
I forgot my camera today. Bad Grandma. I have no pictures of Sheya's birthday party. I felt so bad but it was too far to come home after it. Darn. She is growing up. Her birthday was Halloween but they always celebrate it the next weekend. Bless you Sheya Christyne Williams.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Loved this picture of our two much loved and indulged dogs. They love each other and romp and play. Maggie is getting old and Skeeter is hyper active.

Bob left to try elk hunting again this weekend. Last week I had to call him home because I was so sick. Bless his heart he came home. Always hate to have him go and be gone for several days because something bad always happens. Not this time, I just won't let it.

Katie and Cameron came out for a little while this evening. She is having such a hard time with her parents. I just pray they can work it all out.

I was so upset with Wrangler this evening. I was putting the barn horses in and he got the gate open and got out twice. So in the wind and rain we had a discussion. Both times he ran back thru his gate. He is a good boy but wants to come in with the others. Don't have another stall for him. I think he thinks they are getting such a big treat when they disappear into the barn but are not getting anything he isn't, he is just outside. Silly boy.

It is a typical November night - rain and wind. I mean WIND. It has blown about 40 mph most of the day. Hard to put out hay. It could be snow so am not complaining. I really am not.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

He is pathetic isn't he. Oliver is basking in the extra attention. I don't know when we will take the bandage off. We tried to get some of the blood off his face but he didn't like it so we just left it.

Besides Oliver today I have been thinking about all the good things we have and how I can't imagine living anywhere else. Yes, we are tied here alot by the animals but can't imagine not being able to listen to the horses eat, watching the barn kitties bask in the sun, watching the baby calves in the spring. All part of our life here on our farm called Calico Acres. Sometimes I think I would like to travel like my cousin Joy. But can't imagine not having the horses and then I change my mind about traveling. We worry sometimes about getting too old to do all the things we do and what we will do but I don't worry about it.

Thinking too much brings nostalgia. So, end thinking for today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Oliver seems to be recovering but he is still oozing blood from around the bandage. Tried to get some of the blood off his face but he wants it there I guess. Bob will be home tomorrow so maybe we can look at it. I will try to take a picture then. I still shudder.

This evening I looked out and all three of the barn horses were at the gate. When I got my coat on and went to the barn to get ready to put them in Pepper disappeared. I put the mares in. Amelia is getting rather pushy about the whole thing. She wants to be first. Then I called and called and looked all around. I called one more time before I came in and called Bob and told him someone had stolen our horse right from under my nose. I heard him answer me and I went looking some more. He had tried to hide from me and got into a little pen behind the barn next door. All the gates were closed and he was stuck. I don't know how he got in there but I do know he was scared and wanted me to get him out. I told him it served him right but I did rescue him and he was very grateful.

I did a town run today and did a ton of errands. Everything from 4 salt blocks to a stack of used books. I am tired.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Very Thankful Tuesday

This is not a recent picture but he is one of my thankful's today. A picture of him today was just too gory. I am so thankful that he is alive and just seems to have a headache. This morning when I went down to put the barn horses out, Tom and Christy were here - a second Thankful for today- and they were with me. I went around the corner of the barn and got a shock. I thought Christy would pass out. I wanted to throw up. Neither of us did and Tom went over to him and got ahold of his rope. Sometime this morning he had caught one of his beautiful horns that he never was bad with except when he bopped Amelia that once, and he tore it off. There was blood every where. Tom and I got him and I went and got some warm water and a clean rag and we tried to clean up his face so we could see if his eye on that side was OK. It was gross and awful. Shannon, who raises goats came down and said he would be OK. However when Bob got home this evening it was still bleeding. We coated it with pine tar and wrapped it up and covered it with duct tape. My poor pet, he keeps shaking his head and splattering blood all over. Since we moved out here 16 years ago I have had to do things and witness things that I never wanted to even know about. This is one of them. When he doesn't look so gross I will post a picture of my one horned poor goat. I am thankful Tom was here and could help me with him and I am thankful that Oliver survived today.

And......................I am thankful to feel well today. Am so relieved. It was an awful weekend. Bob is going to go back hunting this weekend and hopefully nothing bad will happen so he has to come home. I am greatful he was close enough to come. I could hardly get out of bed by myself. But today was a good feeling day.

Monday, November 2, 2009


No pictures. Just wanted you all to know I have been sick and will be back when I can. I was up part time today so maybe tomorrow is going to be better yet. I did keep down food today. That was a good thing.