Thursday, August 16, 2012


For Sale - I crocheted it myself. I would like 35.00 for it. It really lays flat but has been rolled up.

Sage wondering what she is doing out there. I put her out with Pepper, Wrangler and the 2 donks. She didn't like it too much and did not go out into the pasture for quite a while. She wanted to go back to her pen.

She wanted me to stay with her. I did for a while. She was not as brave as I thought she would be.

Yuma said what are you doing out here? Do you have any treats for me?

Ezra wanted treats too.

Usually we get one egg from there. I was surprised there were 4.

My tomato jungle. Getting ripe.

Raspberries that I picked later in the day. Some are too high for me. Bob will have to pick them in the morning and then I will make another batch of jam.

I am glad to be feeling better. Still am coughing some but every day is better.

Monday I went out to my friend Vikki's in Deer Park and she got me started on a quilt. She makes all of her by hand. No sewing machine on any of hers. I have 4 squares done. I need to go out tomorrow and get some help with a couple of things. The hardest part is threading that tiny needle and I can't figure out the needle threader that will work on the tiny needle. Probably easy but not working for me.

We are preparing to go on a packing trip next week. Bob is doing most of the getting stuff together because he has done it before. We are not leaving until Thursday. This is going to be an adventure.

Its good to be blogging again. Hate feeling crummy. This virus seems to be going around though.