Friday, May 24, 2013

 This was the group who went riding.  I did not ride, Raven fell over on me avoiding the saddle.  Bob took Sages and its too big.  I am OK just sore.  She is OK too.  From the left Cindi kneeling, Bob, Cameron Katie, my Bob, Matt, Vicki, me Kim and Ray.  Nikki too the picture.
Bob did not intend to ride so he is without his helmet.   He looks funny.  He borrowed a saddle.  They had a good ride though and I sat in the shade.

It was a fun day and my ribs on my right side are not forgetting it right away.  The hamburgers were good, the salads were good, the brownies and cupcakes were awesome too.  Lots of chips also.  We ate ourselves silly and visited.  Bea, Marilyn and Dave, Andrea and her family came to visit and eat.  That was nice too.

Never in my 75 years have I had such a blessed and fun weekend.  I felt so loved and so cared for.  My friend Kim came over from Eureka, MT for Sunday.  I love her and it was so good to see her.  She used to live down the road.  Nikki was here too with her family on Saturday and then rode with everyone on Sunday.  I know awesome is a much over used word but I can't figure out a better one.