Friday, March 1, 2013

This is another picture of Bob in the the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana.  I don't know who the ones riding darker horses but Teri is out front on her paint and Kassidy is riding the white pony.  His name was Izzy and her took that little girl anywhere.  She (Kass) is around 16 now, I know who the other people on the trip were but not sure who was who.  I know they had a wonderful time.

I went quilting yesterday and worked some more on my snowball but got the directions to one made with horse fabric I have been anxious to start too.  I always have so much fun with those ladies.  They are ahead of me but I don't care, its for fun. 

Sage was so funny yesterday.  On a normal day when Bob goes to put them in.  Ditto runs to the barn first, no need for a lead rope, then Bob snaps the rope on Sage and Rosie follows them.  Yesterday, Rosie was by the gate and the other two were in the far pasture behind the barn I think.  He put Rosie in and went to the pasture to whistle for the other two.  They came and Bob let Ditto in but Sage was tearing around whinnying and looking for Rosie.  Something was just not right.  When he finally got her to settle down and put the lead rope on her she was looking and looking for her friend.  When they got into the barn and there was Rosie, she gave a big sigh and dropped her head.  She was so worried.  One thing with Sage, she has a routine and gets upset when things upset that or make it different.  

I am off to have lunch with a special friend, Lisa.  She is so sweet and caring.  She is working towards a degree in Nutrition and Exercise.  In her early 40's she has Fiber Myalgia, 3 kids, a pastor husband and maintaining an almost perfect GPA.  Love that girl.

Maybe I will get some pictures of my own soon.


It rained some yesterday and our snow is just about gone.