Friday, November 6, 2009


Loved this picture of our two much loved and indulged dogs. They love each other and romp and play. Maggie is getting old and Skeeter is hyper active.

Bob left to try elk hunting again this weekend. Last week I had to call him home because I was so sick. Bless his heart he came home. Always hate to have him go and be gone for several days because something bad always happens. Not this time, I just won't let it.

Katie and Cameron came out for a little while this evening. She is having such a hard time with her parents. I just pray they can work it all out.

I was so upset with Wrangler this evening. I was putting the barn horses in and he got the gate open and got out twice. So in the wind and rain we had a discussion. Both times he ran back thru his gate. He is a good boy but wants to come in with the others. Don't have another stall for him. I think he thinks they are getting such a big treat when they disappear into the barn but are not getting anything he isn't, he is just outside. Silly boy.

It is a typical November night - rain and wind. I mean WIND. It has blown about 40 mph most of the day. Hard to put out hay. It could be snow so am not complaining. I really am not.