Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A horse eating tarp

Sheya's first horse ride. She has never looked back.

Sheya on Pepper riding by herself at 3. Pepper baby sat her.


My student and friend, Marissa sound asleep on Sequoia at a break at the horse show.

Think this got posted before. Glory

I don't know why this picture is small. Could not get it larger. One of my students, Jamie, kept telling me Ditto would do nothing. She was mad at her so I took her into the warm up class at noon. You don't have to have show clothes on, so I paid my 2 bucks at the gate and took Ditto in the class. Well I won. Told Jamie to listen to me and she would do OK.

Caroline on Cricket.

I did work Sage today. It was cold and windy. She was full of energy. The tarp hanging on the fence was moving in the wind and she was certain it was going to eat her. I had put a white plastic pole for her to step over in too. So between a tarp going to eat her and a white pole going to attack her. It was an hour of stress for both of us. She finally got over the pole without much more goofiness but the tarp was always still going to eat her. She had trouble backing and doing all the other things she has been doing smoothly. She had her eye on the horse eating tarp. She will get the next 2 days off and then I am going to get back. Maybe the wind won't be blowing. We have snow on the ground but we are going to keep at it.

I have things pretty well organized for Friday. Tomorrow I will make the potato salad and some other things with the food, mop the kitchen floor etc. In the early evening I have a NE Zone meeting. It will be good to get out of the house and have someone to talk to but the dogs. Bob has been hauling cows and calves home and falls asleep as soon as he eats. One good thing, all our cows were preg checked before we brought them and all are going to calve from February to May. Hate to have early calves but what is what is.