Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Long Day

Stopped to shed my coat and put it in the back seat on my way home from Marysville. I thought it was such a serene setting.
Back to Burns, OR. I love the markings on her face. I would have called her Camelot because I think that looks like a sword. It doesn't exactly make sense but that is what I would have named her.

Just a group of pretty mares.

Nikki wanted this horse really bad. She should have called her dad, he would have said yes. He rarely has told her no.

Tomorrow I will show you some of Nikki's pictures. She is a much better photographer than I.

I rarely even dozed last night. Very unpleasant. Could not get my thoughts to rest for the night. Not a good night. I took a good nap and I am sure I will sleep tonight.

It was a beautiful day today. I did not work with Sage today. Just was not up to it. My body would not. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I worked the last three so one day off will be OK.