Monday, December 29, 2008

The snow capital of Washington

Bob was coming out of the barn towards the house. I zoomed him in. On the news tonight (from our itty bitty TV in the kitchen) we have officially at the airport had 63" of snow in the past 12 days or so. And today the wind blew 40 or more miles an hour. We had snowballs blowing across our pasture. I will try to get pictures tomorrow but I just could not take the wind blowing that hard. Bob went down into Deep Creek Canyon to help a friend. He had surgery and when his wife was bringing him home she slid into the ditch trying to get in to their house. Bob plowed clear down Christensen Rd and then then down Deep Creek Rd. to their house, got Heidi unstuck and plowed out their drive and plowed all the way home.
Before that however, it was snowing and Bob and I together got this big idea to drive into Medical Lake to the used book store. Bad idea but we didn't know how bad it was until we crossed highway 2. There were people slid off Brooks Rd. all over the place. We got around some of them but , a big but we came around a big sweeping curve and I don't know how many people were off the road. It was like a big party going on in the middle of the road. Bob was going slow but when he tried to go around the people and trucks etc, he got too close to the edge and slipped right off and we were in the ditch too. We called Justin, our neighbor, and he came to pull us out. It was not too hard but his truck is just like ours - a Dodge Ram and it was embarrassing for Bob. He got us out and then made some money pulling others out, we came home. He came over when we got here and brought his 2 year old little girl Haily for me to watch while he went plowing. We had fun. My but she was busy.
Bob left our barn horses in today. He plans to ride Rusty tomorrow in the deep snow. We will see. I am not convinced it is the thing to do. He read an article in Western Horsemen about a ranch in Wyoming or Colorado, cant remember which, that started all their colts in the deep snow and it was very successful. Just so he wears his helmet. I got him one for Christmas. We had been sharing mine. He has to use one when he rides for the Mounted Search and Rescue. So he has one of his own now.
Our dog Maggie is recovering. She has some sore places and moves slowly but each day is better. She even went to the barn with Bob this evening. The big cut on her leg is almost healed. I have been making her special food and she thinks she is the Queen of the house. Poor little Skeeter says how come. She does lay around most of the time though. I had to watch Haily like a hawk because she usually plays with her when Justin brings her over and I did not want a catastrophe because Haily hurt her. Not that she would mean to but it still could have been bad.
We are surviving without a TV so far. I am still disgusted that it takes them over a week to come repair something that was not our fault. Oh well like goes on...........