Wednesday, May 30, 2012


It is so good to be home. I have been just rummy today. Nothing to do with horses today, just pictures of cardinals.
My sister has as large window in her office and feeders outside in what she calls her "sanctuary" and all kinds of birds and a bunch of grey squirrels and a couple of red squirrels all spend mornings there.

It is so fun. That was our entertainment for the week.

I love the beautiful red cardinals. Even the females are beautiful but not so red. I will have other pictures in days coming.

We had a great visit but a very difficult goodbye. How do you say goodbye to someone you know you will not see on this earth again. We love him so much and he has been a wonderful husband to my sister and father and grandfather. I sobbed all the way to the airport, I just could not help it. I was so sorry for my niece but I just could not help it.

So anyway, we are home. Misted you all as my great nephew said to me. Auntie Lea, I misted you. Bless your heart Liam, I will misted you too.