Monday, November 8, 2010


Not a good picture is Sage in a stall. I was taking her for a walk and just thought, Lets see if she will go into the barn, she did so I thought, how about a stall and she did. It scared her but I gave her some hay and a can of oats and she decided it wasn't such a bad place after all. I did not know if she would eat the oats or not because I have been pouring it over her grain and I didn't do that, just poured it into the grain feeder. She ate it all for the first time. I left her in the stall a couple of hours and went to get her out. She gave me some trouble getting her halter back on and then did not want to come out nor did she want to get back into her pen. I may start putting her in at night when the weather gets worse. Bob will laugh but I don't care, she and Ditto will go in at night and maybe Amelia. That will be when it gets way below freezing and snow. I was excited that Sage did something for me that she really didn't want to but I asked. Progress for us both.

Just two of our barn kitties. We have five females left is all. Four are young and Fancy the white one.

We will know tomorrow if the black horse has a home or not and have two people interested in the brown one. We got them separated today so the brown one can get some extra feed and not have to argue about it.