Thursday, November 4, 2010

A sad story

The black horse is Haugen and the sorrell is Johnny Cash AKA Cash
This morning right after we had breakfast and were talking about what we were going to do today and the telephone rang. It was Angie Link of the BLM. She told me a tale about two mustangs that were in the need of picking up from where they were. We called the lady who had called her and this is the story she told us.
These horses were adopted 4 years ago as weanlings or not quite year olds. In fact, Bob delivered them. The people who adopted them did everything right except, they did not title them. I don't know why. They sent them to a trainer and they had about $10,000 worth of training over 8 months as 2 year olds. The man worked with them alot up to a year ago when disaster fell on them.
The man had an anyrism rupture in his brain and then they discovered a brain tumor. He can not walk without a crutch and still falls regularly. His wife has some kind of terminal cancer. She was having radiation today. Their water has been turned off for a month but over the weekend sold their horse trailer so it was turned back on earlier this week. They lost their business because he could not take care of it, their house is in forclosure and they had no hay. There were four horses, the two mustangs and two big appys. The appy's are well broke big horses and will be easier to place than mustangs. A neighbor has been buying hay a bale at a time for them. They can't continue to do that.
The black is in good condition and the sorrell needs some weight. They are in our round pen. We did purchase the mans panels and bow gates. Won't be able to get them until Monday. We needed more so its a good thing for us. Bob went to the guy we get hay from to get the appy's a ton of hay until they can find homes and Bob the hay man gave it to Bob to give to them. Bless you Bob. So that is kind of where we are right now. Angie may have found a home for the black one and we will look for one for the other if that is the case.
Bob and I have been whining around- the clutch went out of the truck and cost $1000.00 to fix and something on our well broke and that cost 500.00 to fix, I was sick for about 24 hours, and on and on but we are just thanking the Lord today that we have decent health and many things. We are so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are leaving tomorrow for the Back Country Horsemen convention in Grangeville, Idaho. We will be back Sunday. Hope your weekend is terrific.